Squirrel Posing For The Camera

This is the first time I was able to catch a squirrel so still. I took the shot, he then turned to me for a few seconds then ran away. This was at the Botanical Gardens during my walk. Ratty, over at The Everyday Adventurer, this one's for you. Enjoy!


Zorlone said…
Looks like she was waiting for you to take her picture.

Ratty said…
I like this little guy! You got a great photo of him! It's exciting when you're able to get a quick shot of an animal before it runs away, isn't it? Judging by the snout, it looks like a Western Gray. That's how I know I'm obsessed with squirrels; I now know the different types just by looking at their faces.
DK Miller said…
Great shot of a cute squirrel. I'm wanting to post a squirrel now. LOL.
Icy BC said…
You got a real great shot of this squirrel, Jo!
Z, yeah she was quite a diva :D

Ratty, You are amazing, you know so much about these little guys. I know nothing about them. But, it was fun finally getting a good photo of one of them.

DK, lol! I'm sure you'll find some in your botanical gardens. They are all over in mine.

Icy, I got lucking with this shot. It's very difficult getting one that will stand still.
Great shot! Maybe he was hoping you'd throw him a nut or two!
Cher said…
maybe this lil' guy wanted to become a celebrity and now, he is! ;)
Ayie said…
definitely looks like posing for you!
robin said…
awww... that's so cute :)
lina said…
I've always wanted to snap of a photo of one too, but they were always too quick for me. :)

That's a cute squirrel, be so still for you to photograph.
Lidian said…
What a cute little squirrel! I love watching squirrels play in our yard. Sometimes they eat our raspberries, they hold the berry in both paws and nibble - so cute!
Tes said…
One of my favorite photo subjects! Good capture, Jo! That little guy really knows how to strike a pose!
SquirrelQueen said…
I heard you had a squirrel photo and just had to pop over for a visit. Nice shot, he is a cutie.
Through Squirrel Eyes
WTG Jo! You got a terrific shot and I am sure Ratty is thrilled as you are. I hope you have a terrific day!!:-)
Dr. Lauren said…
Much fluffier than the ones we have in Florida.
kat said…
Hhahaha great shot Jo. I thought before having a squirrel pet hahaha.

Have a wonderful day.
C said…
I don't think it actually posed, Joanne...you know...I think it's like that moment on Discovery Channel right before the Tiger prances upon the gazelle... it's that wait right before sudden death... hahahahahahahahha! :D :D
Cinnamon girl, lol!!! That's what I should have been doing :D

Cher, I think you are right. He didn't shy away from the camera.

ayie, I know huh? either that or he was too lazy to move.

Robin, isn't he though? thanks.

lina, I got lucky with this one, usually they are too fast and run away.

Lidian, they really ae so cute somtimes.

Tes, thanks, he does. He may be a celebrity squirrel :)

SquirrelQueen, thanks so much for coming by and commenting.

MountainWoman, he is, thank you.

Shinade, Ratty is and thanks alot.

kat, I don't know how they would be as a pet but they are fun to watch.

C, you may be totally right on that thought :D
RNSANE said…
Looks like this guy is healthy and out enjoying a nice San Francisco sunny day...didn't have much time to squander for photography as winter is coming!!

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