Crystal Visions

This is a guest post by Cheryl Oertli. I want to thank her for her friendship and beautiful poetry.

Crystal Visions

Words come in crystal visions,
Images painted as if canvas creations,
Prisms of an inner mind,
Multicolored majesty.
Rhythmic repetitions, melodic and grand.
Each thought, each image developed,
Lovingly cared for, painstakingly planned.
Words bring forth emotions,
A collage of emotions recorded
In quatrains and lyrical verse;
Touching the heart and mind,
As a soothing balm for the soul.


Wow! There are no words! They are all there! Awesome Joanne, thanks for sharing this!
rainfield61 said…
Prisms of an inner mind, this is great.
I am thinking of rainbow. This really inspires and leads me to waves of imagination.
Salitype said… is indeed a balm to the soul, and sooths a dying heart. lovely poems and inded so true!

thanks for sharing!
C said… visions of the spirit...




thank you for sharing :)
Thank you all for reading and commenting. It is very much appreciated.
RNSANE said…
Beautiful portrait painted by Cheryl. I hope to see more of her work.

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