Perchance Love Whispers

Photo of Repulse Bay Lookout Point in Hong Kong taken in February 2005

perchance love whispers
on the wind of Winter's breath
melody at dawn


Salitype said…
what a majestic view.....tall, prous and yet gentle!

and a lovely haiku!

have a majestic week ahead!

Icy BC said…
What a beautiful and description, Jo!
betchai said…
so peaceful Jo, pictures and sceneries like these truly inspire and soothes us.
Anonymous said…
A beautiful verse and beautiful photo!

~aka~ Robin
Liz said…
I love the beautiful view and the haiku made it more perfect. :)

Have a great week ahead.
AVCr8teur said…
Beautiful words to add to the view.
Secondary Roads said…
Another fine haiku the catches the emotion of a thought.
C said…
Perhaps it does.
Cher said…
hi Jo! i love your new header and this post is magical! the photo goes very well with the title, i love it! :)

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