Photoscapes Unleashed ~ Musical Clock

Before ~ These beautiful clocks are made by a company called Rhythm. They are musical and animated. We sold them in a retail store where I worked for about twelve years.

After ~ I decided to manipulate something other than nature photos so I thought the clock would be an interesting subject and it did not disappoint. I used the swirl, pinch and highlight modes along with a decorative fringe on the border. Enjoy!


betchai said…
wow, it is very interesting Jo, photo softwares really have revolutionized the many ways we can process pictures into creative pieces. wonderful!
Writer Lady said…
I love musical clocks. A long time ago I owned one that also was an alarm clock.
Having treated the clock with swirl, etc, the clock is giving an image that future can be quicker than thought and guarded with uncertainty on the fringes..... Cheers ~bangchik
rainfield61 said…
You have distortd your time!! I can only say that. lol.
It's so pretty. It looks like an American Indian pattern.
Icy BC said…
That is pretty, Jo, before and after..I love what you are unleashing!
Ratty said…
That's a very interesting looking clock. The little details of the clock are fun to look at. Your manipulated picture gives it a mysterious look. Now there are strange symbols circling the swirling pattern.
Margie and Edna said…
I love these and all your other pictures. Maybe you'd like to photograph all the Margiedales? You'd need to remain calm though.
betchai, thanks, it really can do so many things.

Writer Lady, I do too. I worked in a music box shop where we carried these clocks and set them so they would go off every half hour. I have a musical alarm clock too.

Bangchick, Ah, very well expressed and so true.

rainfield, you are too wise.

Cinnamon, I never thought of that but you're right it does. Thank you.

Icy, thanks and I can attribute it all to you.

Ratty, exactly, it's kind of eerie huh?

Margie and Edna, I would love to photograph all the Margiedales and manipulate them as well :D Thanks for visiting
RNSANE said…
I think the distorted clock would make an interesting piece of jewelry! A ring, perhaps!

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