Margie and Edna's ~ The Margiedales

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I want to personally congratulate Margie and Edna for these ripe specimens. I am so honored and breathing heavily over the fact that I am in charge of the photography and chocolate slathering of Margie's men. Little did I know that my Margiedales suggestion would come to fruition so quickly. Margie you are my hero :D


Margie and Edna said…
Margie: My stars & bloomers!!! Would you look at these big fellers?? You sure are a whiz with that camera of yours. You'd best keep those chocolate pictures just between us. Some people would be jealous.
How much do you think we should charge for a viewing of the boys? Lordy, we'll be rich!!
Well what can I say? I am so "inspired" by these young hotties that my camera melts in my hands. I agree on the chocolate and whipped cream pics. I don't want to flaunt the sweet goodness.

Given the poplarity of Ebay and auction houses I'm thinking auctioning them off would be the way to go. We can auction them one by one or as a whole. And, remember girls we cannot bid on the Margiedales ourselves, after all we are trying to become rich enough that we can someday hire these hotties as our houseboys.
Oooooh yummy. I want one! Please, please.
FishHawk said…
I can't believe you ladies would post such smut. I mean, just look at them. They are even smiling with all of their bulging muscles on display for all to see! REAL MEN HAVE ROLLS!!!
Icy BC said…
They are buffed, and
betchai said…
you took this picture Jo? wow! am not surprised why the chocolates would melt on your hands :)
Jan, certainly, we'll share them :)

FishHawk, Love the rolls :)

Icy, Aren't they though :)

betchai, I wish I had but no I did not. Yes the chocolate would be melting :)

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