The Mask

This is a guest post by poet Robin Delaney. I'd like to thank her for her gorgeous photo and poetry.

The Mask

A thousand masks I wear
yet none of them are me
for I am buried deep within
afraid for you to see

Far below the surface
beneath the layers deep
my soul cries out in sadness
and mournful tears I weep

I lost myself so long ago
and somewhere along the way
I learned the art of pretense
like chameleons at play

Secrets are my game
assuming a new face
concealed by my deception
you think me a disgrace

Yet I long for you to find me
to hear what I can't say
to listen to my heartsong
and love me anyway

But there is no magic kiss
nor knight upon a steed
strong enough to penetrate
the better part of me


Ratty said…
Her poem is absolutely wonderful. I don't think there is anyone without these feelings buried somewhere inside them.
Paulineh said…
I love the poem and can really relate to it. We all wear masks...some are nicer than others.
Glynis said…
That was beautiful.
Icy BC said…
Beautiful, and sad! I love how expressive she is with words..
rainfield61 said…
Secrets are my game, yet I long for you to find me..

Sigh... life is always full of conflicts.
RNSANE said…
This is such an exquisite poem - I can relate to it very well - and I love the mask!
Salitype said…
it is a lovely and i'm not sure if sad is the right term to used...


Ann said…
I feel as though this was written just for me, it's the perfect fit. Beautiful, sad and oh so true.
Thanks to all of you for reading and commenting on Robin's poetry.
Jane Doe said…
I fell into this piece and felt it penetrate every fiber of my being. It's hard to let go of the many masks and let anyone see the person hiding within. A fantastic poem.

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