The Spider

This is a guest post by Taylor Graham. I want to thank Taylor as always for her fantastic poetry. Happy Halloween everyone.


In the paved garden of the courtyard
by the gilded fountain
where we sat listening to poetry
into autumn dusk

and then dark, when outdoor lights
came on, one corner lamp
illuminating a web, and in its center,
the orb-weaver,

abdomen gold-amber in the light
spinning out its thread
catching words and lines and images
in a silken weave –

bright poem-moths in a perfect
orb, energy suspended in light, winged
tension gilded by
the crescent Harvest Moon.


WillOaks Studio said…
Very visual, very nice!
betchai said…
hi Jo, happy halloween too. this is a beautiful poem so well written and expressed. I love your new header image too.
Thanks to both of you for visiting and commenting.

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