The Teacher

I want to thank Chey (Cheryl Oertli) for this guest post and her wonderful poem The Teacher.

The Teacher

He's a teacher, a master of wisdom,
Bestowing knowledge to those in his charge;
Molding young minds, a planter of seeds,
With a career, larger than large.

With each seed of knowledge he has planted,
It's a blessing to watch each student grow;
Proud to shape the future of young minds,
From the land of the lost to the land of the know.

He's a teacher, caring and compassionate,
The kind of teacher you long for in September;
One who enjoys the challenge of his job,
A stellar teacher, the kind students remember.

He has come a long way from the days of his youth,
Accepting the challenges, achieving his goal;
He's a teacher, a guardian of wisdom,
From the catacombs of his mind to the depths of his soul.


Angel said…
Wonderful! Let's hear it for great teachers!
Margie and Edna said…
Margie: Wonderful! I remember when teachers were proud of what their students learned and less concerned with their pay check. When I finished high school I could actually read and spell. Kids today graduate and can barely do either.
RNSANE said…
So nice to see poetry praising one of the most noble and, sadly, underpaid, profession. My boys all went to public schools and, I have to say, they were blessed with exceptional teachers all the way through. This is a truly wonderful poem.
betchai said…
very beautiful and inspiring poem Jo, dedicated to teachers! I am deeply touched, and I love it!
rainfield61 said…
Teacher is a guardian of wisdom, who can deny it?
Bangchik said…
We do have wonderful memories of teachers...... ~bangchik
Anonymous said…
Beautiful tribute to great teachers!
DK Miller said…
Nice poem, thank you so much for sharing.

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