Blue Turtle Crossing October 2009 Issue

I would like to share with all of you Blue Turtle Crossing. This ezine was created and is edited and published by my friend Colleen Breuning. This zine exemplifies what a creative arts ezine should employ. The photography and videography created by Colleen is second to none. The dozens of poets sharing their poetic creations is a testament to the creative soul of Blue Turtle Crossing. It is a residence for dozens of accomplished poets. Please see the video below which displays the photos of each poet included in this issue plus a montage of Colleen's photos. I urge all of you to read and peruse this issue and share in the poetic expertise that is this ezine. Enjoy!


rainfield61 said…
Thanks for sharing it.
You are welcome rainfield.
Salitype said…
it is still a beautiful world we live in, isn't it? i love every scene, from tiny creatures to mesmeric sunsets, from greens to splendid autumn hues...wonderful, truly wonderful..

and the best part is, you're in there!

have a lovely day!
Salitype, aw, thank you, you are so sweet.
Writer Lady said…
I am about to go to Blue Turtle Crossing and read. Thanks for the link.

I notice most of these poets are also involved in other creative endeavors. Don't you think some creative people might just bust if they didn't follow their muses?
Icy BC said…
Thanks for the link, Jo! I am going to check it now..
Writer Lady, you are welcome and thank for visiting.

Icy, I hope you enjoy it.
enchantedoak said…
Jo, you've visited my blog, enchanted oak, several times and I pay back the favor. You're a little familiar with my poetry, and been conmplimentary. How can I get involved in Blue Turtle Crossing?
Blessings to your day,
Chris Alba
Hi Chris, you need to contact the editor Colleen Breuning directly. Submissions however right now are closed but go to the website and check it out.
Thank you so much for this most wonderful write-up Jo! I am delighted to have your stunning work on the website once again! I invite your readers to check it out, and hopefully submit when I get ready for the next edition....which won't be until spring 2010 most likely!
Love & blessings,

Thank you for always including me. It is quite an honor to share my work with all of the other talented poets and artists. You do a fantastic job not only on the ezine but in us poets to share our work with eveyone.


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