In The Woods @ Stern Grove


Ana said…
Looks like a very in-depth place to be, and just let go of everything and appreciate all that is around. I was within a similiar place today, but not the woods, the park and it always feels like paradise where nature meets light. :)
VanillaSeven said…
When I saw these forest, I almost want to believe that anytime a forest monster will jump out from the trees! Nice shot Joanne :)
Ana, these woods are actually in the middle of a city. It's called Stern Grove and is basically a grove with woods. All species of trees etc... The great thing is that it is near my apt. so it only take aabout a 10 minute walk and I'm there :)

VanillaSeven, I think about that too :D Thanks for your thoughts.
rainfield61 said…
This is what I feel during my hike in the jungle, sometimes, when alone, especially when there are some noises besides me.. haha.
Ratty said…
I sometimes think about forest monsters too. But I'm hoping one will jump out to try to attack me so I can get its picture. Heeere monster monster! :D
I love these pictures. I first thought how I would love to just lose myself there. Sometimes I look like a forest monster, so I make sure I make noise when people are coming so they aren't alarmed. :)
Rainfield, I always wonder about those noises as well.

Ratty, You are hilarious :D
Tes said…
I like the third photo, Jo! Looks cool and refreshing. Would not mind hiking in the cool breeze. You are lucky to live near this beautiful forest.
Jane Doe said…
As always, you take stunning photos. I love the woods, they are so beautiful and they touch and renew my soul.

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