Sundays in my City - From Sutro Park

One of the two stone lions at Sutro Park gate.

View of the Cliff House from Sutro Park

The gazebo

Beautiful trees and green grass

Palm trees and shadows

View of the Richmond district from Sutro Park

Unknown Mami

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BLOGitse said…
I'm sure I would enjoy relaxing in Sutro Park, looks beautiful.
Happy Sunday and a good week ahead!
rainfield61 said…
Seem like you are having a warmth Sunday.
Unknown said…
Love your photos. You'll have to tell me how you manage to get them so nice and large.
Ann said…
Sutro Park is lovely. That's some view looking at that cliff house.
What a lovely place - thanks for the visit! I especially like the last photo with the tree in the foreground.

Kristin _ The Goat
via SIMC
Sonya said…
Oooh so sunny and beautiful!
Joanna Jenkins said…
That looks like a friendly lion and a perfect park to relax in. I've never been here before. Thanks for the introduction.
Happy Sunday, jj
Wonderful place. Palm trees are the best. I like the palace and the sea, the shot seem to be from a movie.
RNSANE said…
I was married in one of Sutro Parks gazebos - not this one...of course, as you know, the marriage didn't survive. Glad Sutro Park did. Lovely pictures.
Joanne Olivieri said…
Blogtise, thanks for visiting, you would love it.

rainfield, we are having a heat wave over here :)

Amy, I shoot in high resolution so the photos are large. Thanks for visiting.

Priyanka, aw, thank you.

Ann, yeah, Sutro Park is on a high steep cliff so the view of the cliff house below is very cool

urban muser, thanks so much for visiting.

Kirby, thank you and have a great week

Sonya, we have been lucky with the sun these days.

Joanna, thank you for dropping by :)

MsBaby, it should be in a movie :D Thanks

Carmen, :D It would be a beautiful spot for a wedding.
I've never seen that gazebo. I'm gonna have to go look for it.
ruthinian said…
the gazebo is strategically placed by the road. what an awesome place to take a rest after a "run or jog".

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