Camera Critters - Stellar Jays

Camera Critters

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Ann said…
Beautiful birds and they make me laugh because it looks like they are sporting a snazzy mohawk
ruthi said…
your jays looks so proud and strong. great capture.
Bossy Betty said…
Lovely!!!! They posed for you--they must have liked you!!
Ann, I know huh!!!

Ruthi, thanks, I'm always happy when I can capture birds.

Bossy, Yeah, we were all having the same bad hair day :D
maiaT said…
What a cute, little bird with an interesting haircut. I don't have much luck with taking photos of birds.
Anonymous said…
Love the hairstyle on this gorgeous creature!
Jean said…
I love this pretty bird with the funny crest feathers!:)
Anonymous said…
Wonderful pictures!
Rajesh said…
Fantastic shots. I like the crown on the head.
Martha Z said…
Beautiful birds but always looking for a handout. I don't see as many of them as I used too, the crows seem to be taking over.
Joops said…
What a beautiful bird!
Self Sagacity said…
This little bird is so beautiful, so finely dressed he is.
Kay L. Davies said…
Aha, the official provincial bird of British Columbia, my home province! I have friends who have had generations of jays feeding at their house. The younger generations now fly into the house to get peanuts out of the bucket that holds the door open.
Beautiful pictures!!

Alberta, Canada
maiaT, when I get photos of birds, just remember it's because I got lucky. They are so difficult to capture. Love their hairdos though :D

ladyfi, :) I do too...

Jean, that's what makes him so cute :)

Toemailer, thank you.

Rajesh, thanks, I do too

Martha, we have a horrible problem with crows out here. They were first hanging around the beach, now they are all over the neighborhoods near the beach, where I live.

Joops, thanks I love the color.

Self, yes, he is ready to party :D

Kay, how cool, I love it. Thanks so much for visiting and commenting. I was so excited to see them in the botanical gardens here. It was the first time I was able to capture them on camera. They are beautiful birds.
He looks a bit diferent than our jays - cuter with his crest!
Carletta said…
He has some hairdo!
What a lovely blue color!

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