Mellow Yellow Monday - A Pinch Of Yellow

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Ging's said…
wow! nice shots. Are you an expert photographer :)
Ging, not at all, I just like taking photos :) Thank you.
Liz said…
Fabulous shots! Happy MYM.
Pie said…
Beautiful macro shots.
Evelyn said…
Lovely - esp love the 3rd one from the bottom - just beautiful.
Julie said…
I like the flowers with the bees. I find bees such a challenge to capture. They dont seem to want to stay still for very long at all.
Duni said…
Yellow is such a cheery colour. I love how you've captured those bees :)
Dani said…
wow. awesome. I needed this. Miss the flowers from my mum's garden.

Thank you.
Ann said…
Those are all so pretty. #6 is superb. Love the way you set that shot up.
Angie said…
Great set of MYM shots. Thanks for your visit.
fickleinpink said…
beautiful, all of them!

though i love the orange one...
now a follower, yay!

won't you come and visit me sometime?

xoxo, fickle
Orchids and Yellow Mondays
EastCoastLife said…
I like the colour yellow. Yellow symbolizes gold for us Chinese.

My Monday post suits the MYM theme. :)
Tes said…
Whoa! Lovely collection of photos, Jo! Very interesting take on mellow yellow. You're poetic even in your photos! :) I see busy bees!
Icy BC said…
These are fabulous shots of the flowers! It's raining here today! Thanks for info on the other flower, Jo!
Pat's Addition said…
Like the busy bee. They're working hard in my garden as well.
ruthi said…
great series of macro shots. love the bees. so gorgeous.
Pagan Sphinx said…
Your pinches of yellow are beautiful!
Dave said…
gorgeous captures!
Dimple said…
These are lovely. The yellow on white is my favorite.
Thanks for visiting!
Annie said…
Yellow, yellow everywhere. Love it.
fini said…
wow, you got all these?!! I envy you - A LOT!!
Brilliant shot, each of them!!
Liz, Thanks

Pie, Thank you so much

Evelyn, glad you like them and thank you

Julie, I know what you mean. When they are busy though, they don't even notice you are there and that's when you can capture them. Thanks for stopping by.

Duni, thanks they are a challenge to capture sometimes.

Dani, aw, I'm glad it brought back good memories. thank you

Ann, thank you so much, hope you are having a great weekend.

Angie, you are welcome and thank you.

FicklePink, thanks and I absolutely will.

EastCoast, really, I did not know that, thanks for the info and I will visit you today.
Tes, ah, you're a sweetie. Thank you. Yep the bees are all over now :)

Icy, you are welcome. It's hot and sunny here today but is supposed to change tomorrow with gray skies, mist and drizzle :)

Pat's, they are busy this season :) Thank you.

ruthi, thanks, the bees are cute - sometimes :D

Pagan, thank you so much

Dave, thank you.

Dimple, you are welcome and thank you.

Annie, :) thanks

fini, yes, when I start taking photos I cannot stop :) thank you
EG Wow said…
Beautiful shots!
Jama said…
Lovely lovely macro! I just can't decide which photo I love best.
Junneth said…
Wow nice shots! Great capture!
One said…
Hi! This is my first visit. All your photos are outstanding. I especially like the yellow leaf. Although, it's a dying leaf, it looks beautiful over here.

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