Thursday Two Questions Meme #3

What is this little guy thinking?

Why are there always spider webs all over cactus plants?

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Ann said…
The squirrel is probably thinking "now where did i see those nuts" :)
1) The little guy is probably thinking about this, 'Hmm, can I move now? Is she done with taking pic of me? Why is she holding such weird looking thing at me?' Hahahahha..

2)I don't really know that so my answer will be based on my imagination.. Maybe the spider feel safe with cactus?

My 1st time taking part in Thursday Two Questions so hope to see you dropping by my blog too.. See you around!!

rainfield61 said…
The spider webs love to be seen. The cactus plants must be your favorite.
RNSANE said…
Squirrel: She'd better have food for me if she's going to keep snapping pictures.

Spider webs - because they one is going to bother spiders on a cactus!!
Icy BC said…
These are fun pictures, Jo.
The squirrel is probably thinking about his next meal, and the web on that cactus is trying to protect the flower that's about to come out..
Cathy Kennedy said…
If that squirrel is on a log pile in some old hunters back yard, then it's thinking, "I hope he doesn't fry me up for supper."

Spiders are predators, and since different insects are drawn to differnt plants, then weaving its web across a plant is a perfect spot for a spider to set up for dinner! =D
Cher said…
he's thinking, will i become an instant celebrity in Joanne's blog? ;)
2nd q: no idea at all. :)
Margaret Duarte said…
The squirrel is most likely thinking about food and protection, a constant in its life. Where I live, there are spider webs everywhere this time of year, especially under the eaves of my roof. The cactus must offer the spider many protective nooks from preditors and bad weather.
Self Sagacity said…
The squirrel is wondering if you had a nut to spare for him.

This answer might not be intelligent, since this is the first time the thought ever came to mind...LOL but I think the spiders like the succulent from the cactus plants.
jakill said…
Spiders' webs get everywhere. Our garden is full of them but fortunately all the flying seeds caught in them show where they are so we don't keep walking into them.
Lui said…
1. The squirrel was wondering who was watching who?

2. Spiders weave their webs all over our plants and not just the cactus. But because of dengue, I don't sweep most of them away. They are really such great architects!
Emma B. said…
Thanks for your egg salad recipe on Cheapskate4Life! I'm going to attempt making it soon - I have never hard boiled eggs before either so we will see how they turn out!

I think the squirrel is trying to find his nuts LOL
I'm a new follower!
Hmmm,maybe his thinking that y0u should give him s0me f0ods. let!s celebrate life
1. The squirrel is wondering if you will leave him a goody for posing; maybe a nice peanut?

2. I imagine cacti get insects the Mr. Spider likes. :-)
Jean said…
The squirrel is wondering what bird feeder to raid next.

Spiders aren't picky or prickly when it comes to where they weave their webs.

Funny post! I enjoyed reading everyone's answers!
Ratty said…
The squirrel is thinking that he's going to go nuts on any other animal that comes near any food tossed his way.

I don't see many cacti around here, but I'd imagine that they are just great places for spiders to live.
Ruthi said…
hmmmm... now you make me think. now i wonder why there are always spider webs on cactus plants.

with regards to the little guy... i guess he was thinking where he could get nuts. hahaha
Marilynne said…
The little squirrel is thinking he'd rather be at your house getting his photo taken that at my house eating peanuts in the cage on the porch.

The cactus? I dunno. Spiders do what spiders will, usually with an eye towards dinner.
DoanLegacy said…
It probably thinks that it's a superstar with your camera in hands.

The colors of that cactus are beautiful but I had no idea why there is web on it!
Donnie said…
1- What's that crazy lady doing?

2-Cause they can........

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