Thursday Two Questions Meme #2

Why would anyone climb down a jagged, steep cliff, while talking on a cell phone only to perch upon a rock that is hundreds of feet from the ground?

What in the world is this?

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Ann said…
Hmm, question 1 I would say for privacy but it looks like a pretty private spot to begin with
the second one, don't know is that some kind of fungi?
SquirrelQueen said…
Hmmm, maybe the theory about cell phones causing brain damage are true. Or lack of common sense.

Perhaps a very weathered piece of a palm tree?
Self Sagacity said…
1) He just dropped something very dear to him. He saw something that his wife always wanted growing on the rocks. hehe
2) It is part of a tree trunk, or a close-up shot of the sugar cane.
Icy BC said…
The first answer would be to have privacy, just guessing! The second answer, I don't know what it's..It's sure interesting looking Jo!
ruthi said…
i also wonder why someone would do that... maybe he didn't want anybody to hear his phone conversation or he is just seeking for adventure. and the last one... i have no clue or maybe a piece of wood.
Reeni said…
Does he have a death wish? Crazy! At least climb down using two hands! Is that a stump?
Lui said…
1) He's calling for help to get down! LOL!

2) That was the installation art that the guy made somewhere on those rocks. LOL2!
Thanks to all of you. Very interesting and fascinating answers. Squirrel Queen got it right on the second shot. It is a macro of a palm tree trunk.

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