Straight Out Of The Camera Sunday - Leaves

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betchai said…
wow Jo, what a great perspective you have in photographing the leaves, they are awesome.
Ruthi said…
gorgeous! love the last photo, the contrast of the red leaf on the stones is so vivid. great composition.
Ann said…
Very nice. I love the way that second one just sort of pops out at you
Anonymous said…
Very nice colors. One and three are my favorite.
Awesome macros of leaves! Each photo highlights their incredible secret beauty!
Janis said…
Great photos, love the angle of the second one.
leavesnbloom said…
The colours in the first one are unusual for leaves but the last one is a favourite of mine as I just love the colours of autumn.
Dez said…
Great capture! love the last photo :)
betchai, I really loves leaves for some reason so I enjoy getting shots of them.

Thanks so much Ruthi, It was kind of a dark and dreary day out there and that leaf just popped out.

Ann, thanks so much.

ilana, thank you so much.

Greyscale, thanks so much for visiting and sharing your thoughts.

Janis, thank you.

leavesinbloom, yes that first one being blue really surprised me. I'd never seen that color blue leaf. Thank you.

Dez, thank so much.
*MrsMartinez* said…
I really like the last picture with the orange leaves.

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