Sony Holland @ First & Hope - Sanssouci CD Release Concert

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The new release "Sanssouci" by Sony and Jerry Holland will be celebrated at First & Hope in the downtown Los Angeles area on October 7th. This CD is an artistic gem with tunes that will mesmerize, beguile and hypnotize the senses. I can describe it in one word - Magical. For detailed information visit

Below is a playlist of the songs on Sanssouci. Listen and enjoy.

CD Release Postcard by Terry and Chris Dudley w/Dudley Graphics

The downtown LA area

Sony @ Cafe Divine in SF

The Sony Holland duo @ Cafe Divine


Ann said…
They do have a magical sound. Very relaxing to listen to
Jean said…
This lady is very talented!!! I enjoyed all her songs and "tried to share it on my Facebook page. Thanks for sharing!
ruthi said…
thanks for sharing. i started to like her too.
betchai said…
so beautiful and soothing voice Jo, I will pay attention if ever we get a chance to spend some days in LA
Ann, thanks, they really do, I agree.

Thank you Jean for stopping by, listening and commenting.

Ruthi, I am so glad, thank you.

Betchai, Yes, if you do go to LA let me know. Thanks.
Andy, thank you so much for stopping by and commenting. I agree, they are immensely talented.

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