Poetic Shutterbug Ezine

I have had many requests to bring my ezine back to life. The thought of creating a brand new site or blog gave me hives :D. I just don't have the time. However, creating a new page on this blog was easy and alot less time consuming. So, I give you Poetic Shutterbug Ezine and ask that any of you writers who wish to share your poetry/haiku with us, please do so. Just visit: http://poeticshutterbug.blogspot.com/p/poetic-shutterbug-ezine.html and follow the guidelines.

The ezine page will be promoted as actively as my blog. Your poetry will appear at the top of the page as it is posted. And, you can include your own blog or website link. I don't know how to make separate posts on the new page and I don't know if it can even be done. If anyone knows, please let me know. So, the post will be continuous.

Any questions, post them here or email me.

Thanks and have fun.


Ann said…
How exciting. I hear you on the hives...lol I would hate the thought of starting all over again.
Joanna Jenkins said…
Starting a new blog! I can't even update the one I have so I totally understand the "hives". THis one works just fine :-)
Cheers, jj
Anonymous said…
It now close to half past three in the morning, and I was glad to be awake to read this.

Please have a good start into the new week.
Bossy Betty said…
Hope it all goes well! Who knows? You may see me over there one day!
Ann, I know just thinking about it makes me cringe :)

Joanne, that's why I decided to just create a new page on here, much easier :)

Robert, and you are still awake? thanks for commenting and a great week to you as well.

Bossy, I hope I do see you there :)
Ruthi said…
thanks for the invite... i appreciate the thought. i hope i can find time to do this. i love haikus.

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