Sundays in my City - Chinese Pavilion in Golden Gate Park

Unknown Mami

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Kebeni said…
beautiful pics, love the reflection one
Duni said…
That looks like a great place to just sit and enjoy nature. Love the pavilion!
Anonymous said…
What a wonderful way to spend a day.
Vicki said…
Looks like a beautiful garden. The roof in the pavilion is fantastic.
chasity said…
what a lovely way to spend a day.
Mumsy said…
These are beautiful photos series, and a fantastic place to see..I love visiting your blog!
Tara R. said…
A gorgeous park. I really like the last shot of the reflections in the water.
Ann said…
Such a beautiful setting. I love the bridge. What a great place
rainfield61 said…
Sunday in Golden Gate Park.

Did you take Chinese food as well?
Dimple said…
Your pictures bring such fond memories: I grew up in the Central Valley and spent many days in San Francisco enjoying its attractions, and in my college years I lived there for a time. It is the only city I have visited to which I love to return.
Thanks for visiting my blog. I am now following yours.
I'm just admiring the ceiling! It looks fantastic :-)
Joanna Jenkins said…
Your pictures are so beautiful they almost like like a painting.
Happy SIMC, jj
Amy said…
Great photos. Love the reflections.
Emakesart said…
Beautiful photos. Makes me want to take a trip up there soon
Diane AZ said…
Such a beautiful park! I love the designs on the pavilion ceiling and the bridge. Your images are gorgeous.
betchai said…
awesome shot of the vaulted ceiling Jo, great shots, looks very peaceful, looking like almost fall now,
Anonymous said…
What a great place it must be, something alike being possible. Please have a good new week.

daily athens
Unknown Mami said…
Beautiful! I've been meaning to photograph that exact spot.
Lily Hydrangea said…
This looks like a nice place to do some reflecting.
Thanks, Priyanka

Kebeni, thanks for visiting and commenting

Duni, it really is, it is right next to Stow Lake which is gorgeous. Thanks.

myrelish, it certainly is, thank you.

Chasity, it is so peaceful and serene there.

Mumsy, you are so sweet and ditto...

Vicki, it is very ornate and colorful, thank you.

Tara, thanks for the visit.

Ann, yes that little bridge is a favorite of mine.

Rainfield, no not that particular day but I am always eating Chinese food :)

Dimple, thank you, that is so wonderful to hear and I really enjoy your blog as well. Now a follower too.

John, it is really cool and unfortunately, the camera did not do a very good job on the ceiling. The colors are much more vivid in person. Notice I blame the camera :D

JJ, you are sweet, thank you.

Amy, thanks for the kind words.

Emakesart, come on up, we'll show you around

Diane, thanks for the kind words :)

betchai, yes it very much looks like fall around here. Thank you :)

Thanks, Gabriela

Wanda, thank you.

Robert, thank you, it is wonderful and you too have a great week ahead.

Mami, I love it there :)

Lily, it is wonderful therapy just being there. Thanks.
Kirby3131 said…
I love the little pops of red in the photos. It looks like a neat place to visit. Thanks!

Kristin _ The Goat
MsBabyPlan said…
Thanks for sharing. I will be in San Francisco December, I will make sure I stop by this place.
*MrsMartinez* said…
Hi Jo
I wish I visited this place when I went to SF in 2008. The place is very charming!
Sonya said…
Fantastic photos!! I would love to go there myself
OneDay said…
Beautiful shots of the park. I hope to visit there someday! Have a wonderful week!
Emm said…
You always make San Francisco come alive for me and I really hope to visit someday soon! I love this pavillion and that bridge is quite beautiful too.
ruthi said…
what a lovely garden. a nice place to read a book or meditate or simply enjoy the scenery.
RNSANE said…
These photographs seem other they were taken in Shanghai or Beijing. They are so exquisite and like works of art themselves. The one with the reflections in the pond is especially beautiful.
yoon see said…
Wow! Just too beautiful-especially the 1st and the 3rd shots!
I wonder I could come here for holidays!

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