Winter Tranquility

the essence of peace 
showers her soul  
Winter tranquility


How I wish I could feel that tranquility that snow brings. Sabrina's looking good.
Jama said…
Only one word that comes to my mind, freezing cold! this is from someone from a tropical country.
Emm said…
What a magical photo! It reminds me tha snow days and blizzards are just around the corner.
Evelyn said…
She is beautiful.
Ann said…
Take Sabrina to Auckland tomorrow. We have dogs big day out tomorrow. I was at Devonport park when they were preparing for it. Poor cats, they will bee jealous.
Miss Kodee said…
Your a handsome fellow! Photography, dogs and writing... glad I found you!
Y. Ikeda said…
Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting.
Your dog looks happy in the snow! Beautiful photo.

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