Working 9 to 5 - Not!!!

I just wanted to let you all know that I have not forgotten about any of you. I have been working a part time job for the past few weeks and although I'm working from home it is cutting into my time as far as keeping up with comments and answering your comments when you post to my blog. Between that and taking care of the gardens Facebook page and Twitter page, along with all of my own stuff, I just don't have enough time in the day. I usually pre schedule my blog posts to make sure that there is one post each day. I know, I'm obsessed. In any case I will be visiting all of you when I can and if I don't answer your comments it doesn't mean I don't love you all. It just means I'm too swamped. Please keep visiting and I promise I'll do the same when I can.

Thanks to all of you :)


AVCr8teur said…
It's nice to be busy than trying to find things to do. I'm glad you are still continuing to blog and hope you're working somewhere fun.
Ruthi said…
you are not alone. i was too busy too lately. if you are working 9-5... i am working 7 days a week now. that is why... i have to schedule my blog commenting 2 days each week and have to spend 2-3 hours just commenting. hayyys... the life of a blogger. hahahaha
Jean said…
OH how I do relate! I work full-time and it does prevent me from visiting the blogs I love every day and yours is one of them! So...we are in the same boat.:)

Love the beautiful white flower!
I work full time too and have family and friends to keep up with, so I understand. Many of us bloggers are wonderful jugglers. :-)

Thanks for your visit and God bless.
Ann said…
Working from home, how I wish I could do that. I'm a bit obsessed also with the post. I've made it a personal challenge to myself that there will be a post every single day :) Don't worry about me visiting, as long as you post I'm here.
RNSANE said…
It's nice to see your wonderful photographs, regardless if I ever hear from you.
betchai said…
you are not alone Jo, I only use my personal laptop on weekends, since I hardly have time to check what is going on during weekdays because of work and school. I can only update my blog once a week now, in weekend, I have not written any yet for this weekend :( haaaaaay, wish I can write a lot more too and pre-publish (or schedule) the posts, but I usually prefer to go outdoors weekends too that I have very little tme left at home to blog even on weekends. I just must go out and see the world for weekdays, I feel I am deprived of hiking :(

oh, before I forget, love that white flower

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