Straight Out Of The Camera Sunday - Pinks and Purples

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rainfield61 said…
Flowery..A flowery Sunday...and just flower others included virus
rainfield, LOL!!! with all those insects, they may include a virus :D You are a cutie.
Jan said…
Lovely photos of flowers.
debi said…
Stunning photographs of equally stunning flowers.
A gorgeous collection of beautiful flowers! Love them!
wonderful sharp closeups of lovely flowers
Janneke said…
What a great pictures from this flowers.

Ewa said…
love the colors, great photos!
Your photos are editing required.
Icy BC said…
These are gorgeous, Jo! I took some pictures of the last flower photo in your post too, but don't know what they are!
Jan n Jer said…
Such beauty, love #3, the color combo is so beautiful.
Bossy Betty said…
SO pretty. I went to a flower show yesterday and when I saw the shots on my computer I thought NO ONE would believe I hadn't edited them!
Thanks so much Debi

Greyscale, I'm glad you enjoyed them, thank you.

Foto, thank you.

Janneke, thanks for visiting and commenting.

Ewa, thank you :)

Gardening, you are sweet, thank you.

Icy, I have to check your post. It is from China I believe but I don't know the name. I will look the next time I go or check it out online here. I have a friend who will know what it is. :)

Jan and Jer, thanks, it is a unique mix of color.

Gary, thank you so much :)

Bossy, You know I never edit my shots. The only thing I may do is crop and focus. If something comes out crappy, it's deleted. I don't edit because I like my shots to be real. When you start editing colors, hues etc... the photo looks fake and I hate that. Thanks for always stopping by and commenting :)
MarieElizabeth said…
Seeing your beautiful flowers makes ma little sad summer is ending. I'll have to take your suggestion and use my mint for mojitos this weekend!
Ann said…
Gorgeous. Love the colors in them. I really like that third one.
ruthi said…
another awesome collection of flower photos. love them.

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