Impressionist Bells - Guest Post by Dave Barr

Drumstick Heath - Epacris breviflora

impressionist bells
on a dark canvas


Self Sagacity said…
The pink is still so vibrant behind the impressionist. Sort of fun to be mystified.
Bossy Betty said…
Whoa! This reminds me of a time in the 70's....
Ann said…
Love the image and the verse. Very nice.
Jean said…
A very pleasing painting!
AVCr8teur said…
The pink is lovely and the little blue on the right reminds me of a water droplet.
Self Sag, It is very mystical, thanks.

Bossy, or the psychedelic 60's :D

Dave, thanks

Ann, it is pretty cool.

Jean, thanks for stopping by.

Karen, I never thought of that but it could be :)
ruthi said…
great effect! love it.

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