Poetic Tapestries

Poetic Tapestries

I gather solace
in words loosely airbrushed
by visceral rhapsodies fusioned.

Eloquent echoes
symmetrically evolve
aware, yet vague



Writing Nag said…
Beautiful photo and poem Joanne! I love Chihuly!
betchai said…
lovely Jo, both the poem and the picture.
Jane Doe said…
I love this one! The words that you used are so vibrant and expressive. Very well done.
Icy BC said…
Both poem and photos are beautiful, Jo!
Cher said…
the photo is a piece of art and the poem is just amazing!
The poetry and illustration are perfect matches.
Ratty said…
Both poem and photo are great. You picked a good combination.
Anonymous said…
Horrible, please stop making art
Carmen, Thank you.

Writing Nag, I do too. His art is spectacular.

Betchai, thanks my friend.

Jane Doe, thanks for stopping by and commenting.

Icy, thanks alot.

Cher, I was so lucky to be able to photograph is art at an exhibition. Thanks.

Judy, Thanks for your comments.

Ratty, I thought they fit pretty well. Thanks.

Anonymous, Looks like I struck a nerve - Thank you so much for your comment.
WillOaks Studio said…
I've always loved Chihuly and fusing that photo with your poem was just a wonderful treat tonight, thank you!
AVCr8teur said…
This must have been from the Chihuly exhibit that I missed. They are even more beautiful with poetry.
Joanne? What does....visceral....mean? :)
Robin said…
This is lovely! And the photo is beautiful...
WillOaks, Thank you. I love Chihuly's work as well.

AVC, Yes this was the DeYoung exhibit which was a few months ago.

Charity, visceral means being intuitive and emotional.

Robin, Thanks Robin :)
The poem and image work well together. I love the lighting in the photo :-)

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