Wong Tai Sin Temple - Hong Kong

Wong Tai Sin Temple
Tribute To A Taoist God

Wong Tai Sin was a Taoist God who is widely respected and revered in Hong Kong for his healing powers.

This was an incredible experience. I spent an entire day here in February of 2005 which just happened to be during the Lunar New Year. I went the day before Chinese New Year which just happened to be my birthday. I planned it that way. And, what a fantastic day it turned out to be. Although very busy with worshipers and tourists it was a very serene and peaceful setting.

The temple itself is absolutely gorgeous with it's ornately designed and colorful structure. There were many people there worshiping at that time. They would burn incense at the main altar and then congregate in front of the temple where they would place newspaper on the ground with their offerings of food, usually fruit to Wong Tai Sin. It was fascinating to see and I have to say that because this was a place of worship I felt somewhat uncomfortable taking photos of the altar and the people though they do not mind.

I did also explore the grounds around the temple which were so beautifully sculpted that I just could not leave. I had to explore over and over again. There was a waterfall, bamboo trees, archways, rock alcove formations and bridges.

It is free to enter the grounds though donations are welcomed.

There are also many fortune teller stalls within the grounds should you want your fortune told.

To get there take the MTR to Wong Tai Sin station and it's about a 5 minute walk to the temple. For more information visit http://www.wongtaisin.com.cn/
Below is a poem I wrote about Wong Tai Sin Temple which is written in a haiku series.

Wong Tai Sin Temple

odorous incense
imbues the stone oasis
with fruitful worship

the faithful gather
sacrificial offerings
praising Wong Tai Sin

ancient waterfall
ornamental pagodas
an archaic bridge

man made testaments
to the shepherd Deity
in honor they bow.


Icy BC said…
Great post, Jo! The temple sounds so interesting, and it must very beautiful to see.
betchai said…
i love your poem Jo, i am not surprised the temple has really motivated you to write since temples always have something in them that brings us to reflect deeper.
bessye said…
Hi Joanne,

Beautiful pictures. You do write so beautifully when your surroundings inspire you. So much so, that it makes others feel like their there with you.

rainfield61 said…
The temple is the most famous in Hong Kong. If you follow the Hong Kong TV series, the temple appears quite "regularly".
Of course, it was one of my "must visit" place during my last trip to HK.
Julehya said…
I had been there. That was ages ago. Your photos and your poetry rekindled the beautiful memories.
Glynis said…
How wonderful, I love the pictures. Your poem brings the experience to life. Thanks for sharing.
Ratty said…
The temples from that part of the world are some of the most beautiful. I'm always glad to see them, even if it's only in pictures.
lina said…
Wong Tai Sin temple was the first place we went to when we went to HK way back when. Your photos sure brought back memories... :)
Icy, It is one of the most beautiful temples in HK. Thank you,

betchai, exactly I am always inspired by temples whether they are street temples or lavish temples.

bessye, aw thank you. I wish you could have been there with me :)

rainfiled, Yes it is popular among everyone there.

Julehya, Thank you for stopping by and I'm glad it brought good memories to you.

Glynis, thanks for your kind words.

Ratty, They are so lavish and intricate. Thank you.

lina, Thanks and I'm happy the memories came back to you.
What a beautiful temple. I love Asian architecture.
RNSANE said…
I always love temples. There is one on Oahu that is a replica of an old temple in Japan that is in a spectacular setting and it always takes my breath away. Also, remember that picture I sent you of the one in Tokyo...a source of many lovely photos and memories for me.

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