Rendezvous @ Ghirardelli Square

And yes, I have had many over the years :)

Tuesday, August 4, 6pm

A rare opportunity to enjoy the private terrace of Fairmont Heritage Place, Ghirardelli Square. Enjoy some of the best views of the Bay & Alcatraz while tasting wine from Wattle Creek Winery and treats from other Ghirardelli Square restaurants.

Click here
to join Ghirardelli Square’s Meetup group and RSVP to this event


betchai said…
oh, wish i were there to join :) though i don't drink wine but i love culinary treats :)
rainfield61 said…
Have a good day!!
betchai, the culinary treats are the best part.

rainfield, you too, thanks for stopping by.
Anonymous said… too! Wishing to be there to join in the fun!
VanillaSeven said…
Oh! The place looks so cozy and inviting!
Chocolate and Coffee... so tempting. :)
Anonymous said…
oooOOOO - chocolate!
lunaticg said…
I don't drink coffee, I can drink hot chocolate.
This is a best place to meet friends.
RNSANE said…
Sounds like fun...I joined the group but I'll have to think about the $30 fee for the wine tasting, etc...budget is tight now.
I like this reminds me so much of Fort Bonifacio Global City, in Makati, Metro Manila! :)
earthtoholly said…
I remember being here a few years ago (my first time in S.F.!) and making more than a few entrances/exits when they were giving out free samples!
Mike Golch said…
the square is one of the things I miss about living out in Ca.
Icy, I wish you were here too.

Vanilla, what can be better than that?

Grace, exactly my sentiments.

lunaticg, it certainly is - thanks for stopping by.

Carmen, I know what you mean.

Charity, really, pretty cool. I'd love to see it.

holly, lol, I used to work in a couple of stores there and when you work there you get tons of free samples - daily.

Mike, Awww, I'll have to send you a few chocolates :)

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