Garden Greenery


Icy BC said…
I love those bamboo trees, and they are so green!!
rainfield61 said…
Bamboo appears frequently in Chinese paintings. It represents longevity and straightforwardness.
RNSANE said…
Beautiful way to start my day. I feel like I am somewhere in Asia. Everything seems so dry in CA in the summer!
Glynis said…
I bet it sounds wonderful when a breeze flows through. It is such a lush green.
Mother Goose said…
Absolutely gorgeous!
bessye said…
Awesome pictures Joanne! Bamboo is also thought to bring good luck to someone you "Give" it to.
You can not buy it yourself "For" yourself.

A. said…
Those are truly beautiful. There is something about greenery that makes me feel at peace.
betchai said…
lovely Jo, i especially love the bamboos
Ratty said…
Great pictures. All of that tall green fills me with peace.
earthtoholly said…
Oooh, I love bamboo and so does Lucy---she eats all of the young shoots that come up. Beautiful shots!
Oh is that bamboo???

You know, in the rural parts of the Philippines, quite a many houses are made of bamboo! Little bamboo houses...the breeze seeps in through the bamboo, and the air is is lovely! :)
Hi! I'm Grace said…
Bamboos! I have been looking for bamboos here ... :)
Thanks for sharing your lovely pictures. :)
Petula said…
Those are amazing photos. I really like them.
katherine said…
wow..i miss to see bamboos now. when i was a kid, we used to play under the bamboo trees..they make sounds also if the wind blows..and we, the kids, believe that fairies are playing on top of the bamboo tree at night. That was the story of our late grandmother.
Dr. Lauren said…
Wow, the colors amazing in these Jo.
Icy, I love them as well. I'd love to get lost in a huge forest of bamboo.

rainfield, Thanks so much for that info. I never knew that. Now it makes it much more special.

Carmen, that's how I felt too.

Glynis, it does and I have some video though I am NOT a videographer so I don't know that I will even post the video :)

Mother Goose, Thank you so much.

bessye, I did not know that. I am learning alot here. Thank you.

A, I feel the same. Thank you.

betchai, thank you and me too :)

Ratty, same here :)

holly, just mentioning lucy makes me smile.

Charity, I would love to experience that someday.

Grace, Thank you for reading and commenting.

Petula, Thanks for your kind words.

Katherine, Wow, what a wonderful story. Thanks for sharing that, I love it.

Dr. Lauren, Thank you, that's what drew me to them.
beautiful photos!

By the way, thanks for dropping by..i've already visited your Hong Kong site and you've got great tips and information there..I've bookmarked it already. Cheers!
Mulled Vine said…
Gorgeous photographs on this page, but these are my favourite, particularly the bamboo scene. Thanks for stopping by mulledvine.

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