The Cliff House in San Francisco

The original Cliff House in San Francisco was built in 1863. It was bought by Adolph Sutro in 1881 when he had the railroad running from downtown San Francisco to the Western edge of the city bringing patrons to the the Cliff House. In 1894 on Christmas day it was destroyed by fire. Sutro spent fifty thousand dollars to have it rebuilt in reminiscent of a Chateau in France. It was eight stories high and hosted art galleries, dining areas, various kitchens and entertainment venues. Although it survived the deadly 1906 earthquake it was again destroyed by another fire in 1907. The third Cliff house after being destroyed by two fires was rebuilt by Emma Sutro, daughter of Adolph in 1909. From then on it has gone through many a renovation and now is pictured above as seen from Sutro Heights Park.

Standing high above the cliffs at Ocean Beach it is the main focal point by Seal Rock and Sutro Heights. It boasts three separate dining areas with stunning views. The views from the dining areas are breathtaking, especially at sunset. During the day just watching the waves crash upon the rocks is a sight to behold. It’s just simply beautiful.

There is also a gift shop attached to the building which offers anything and everything San Francisco.

The Cliff House holds a rich history and is a landmark in San Francisco. It’s gone through many changes and hardships yet keeps getting better and better in its' look, feel and venue.

This is one of my favorite spots to take photos and video. For more information including the restaurants and menus you can visit The Cliff House website.

I also wanted to mention for those of you who are not aware, you can view the photos in high resolution up close and personal by just clicking the picture.



betchai said…
what a beautiful picture of the cliff house Jo, and thanks so much for the information you shared.
I have always wanted to go there! What a neat place.
Icy BC said…
This is such a beautiful place through your wonderful picture, and the information is fascinating to learn also. I would love to have a room with the ocean view there :-)
Dr. Lauren said…
What a lovely building. It always amazes me that that these type of structures, even after being destroyed several time, keep getting rebuilt. Maybe it's sign.
That's some history you got there!

Although, I think it could have been created to appear more visually romantic...something so old like that...should look more romantic than they've made it to be...hhmmmm...the sign "cliff house" has to go! ;-)
Betchai, you are welcome and thank you for dropping by :)

Jennifer, It really is cool in that area. You'd love it.

Icy, so would I, I'd never leave :-)

Dr. Lauren, I have to agree with you.

Charity, It actually is a very romantic spot especially at Sunset.
Ayie said…
Thanks for sharing this...i have a new place to check out when we go to sfo =)
RNSANE said…
I love this place and I have seen dozen of spectacular sunsets while sipping martinis from the bar and have eaten some spectacular meals here.

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