My Top Ten Picks - Most Influential Bloggers Of 2009

I learned about this contest from a good friend of mine and decided I would like to nominate my top 10 choices for this contest. I believe that all of these blogs in their own right have contributed greatly to their readers in various subjects and forms. They all display a sense of creativity and lend understanding and education to the blogosphere.

Janette Toral has a promotion on her site about blogs that influence their readers and have been created after May 2008 as per the criteria stated.

Here is my list of blogs who I believe are worthy of being nominated and voted as most "influential blogs" for 2009.

1. Zorlone
2. Dream of Jade
3. Reach Beyond Limits
4. The Joys of Simple Life
5. Dragon Blogger
6. Mystical Poetry and Politics
7. Beltran Studios
8. The Argus
9. Robin's Nest
10. East Oregon Photos

Vote NOW for your Top 10 blogs! The winners will receive $100 each.
A very special thank you to the sponsors:

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zorlone said…
Thank you so much for this nomination! I shall come back with my thank you poem.

Robin said…
Thank you so much for nominating me!
I am speechless... :)
Dragonblogger said…
Thank you for nominating me, my first nomination to this contest which I only learned about 3 days ago.
betchai said…
thanks a lot for sharing the nomination Jo. I really appreciate it. I'll check out the link and will probably do some nomination too :)
RNSANE said…
I will have to check out all you nominations, always have great taste!
Icy BC said…
Wow..Jo, thank you for this nomination! What an honor to be on your list!
jan geronimo said…
Thanks for nominating Doc Z of Zorlone and Justin of Dragon Blogger. They both deserve this nomination. ",)
You are all well deserved for this contest and then some.

Carmen, Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

Jan, They are a couple of my favorite writers.
Glynis said…
A great list to share with us, thanks! Good luck to all.
I agree Dragon Blogger is a good choice.
Kelvin Servigon said…
congrats to the nominees! :)
Snow said…
Wow, Zorlone is soaring high! Congrats too to all the nominees. ^_^
ikogsakanding said…
Good Luck sa lahat ng mga nominee....

Blogfornoob Dot Com
zorlone said…
I'm back! Thank you once again joanne.


Poetic and able, this humble place,
a fact of a willing able grace.

Sifting through dreamy lines - non tangible,
modern day memories to untangle.

Stories made about complete surrender,
through this ancient art, we appeal to master.

Written in space these letters may form,
knowledge of race, a light through a storm.


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