Views of San Francisco Bay


Anonymous said…
Beautiful view, and wonderful pictures Jo!
Mountain Woman said…
Beautiful photos of the place that is so dear to my heart and my home for many years. Thanks for sharing.
betchai said…
love the pictures Jo, really a beautiful city and love that 2nd one where Ghirardelli is so obvious :)
Glynis said…
Great pics, it is different to what I thought it might be.I don't really know what I expected LOL
I love the first picture with the sailing boats. I've promised my girlfriend I'll buy one as soon as I find a new job :-)
rainfield61 said…
San Francisco, a beautiful city, through your pictures.
What's not to like about San Francisco...such a beautiful place. Kinda hope to live there someday!
Holy cow, Joanne, and I forgot to say how beautiful your pics are! I love those skylines...
bessye said…
Hi Joanne,
auhhh...yes I remember those views. I lived there in 1980-1985. And I still didn't see everything! Nice to see it through your eyes.

Ratty said…
I like all of these pictures, but the second one with the dock, and the sign in the background, is my favorite. I love places like that.
Icy, thanks so much for your words. They truly mean so much to me.

Mountain Woman, Thank you for stopping by and I'll have much more during the coming weeks.

betchai, I always try and get Ghirardelli in there somewhere - gotta keep the chocolate alive :)

Glynis, These are just three of many photos I have of the bay. This is one small portion of it. I'll have much more in the coming days.

John, lol - start typing that resume'

rainfield, thank you so much.

holly, ya never know, you just may someday.

bessye, lol there are still some spots I haven't seen :)

Ratty, I love that one too. You have a great eye Ratty.
RNSANE said…
Magical photos...I had some great views the other day from Sausalito - perfect weather and the city was resplendent in the brilliant sunshine. Of course, I kind of like it when little tendrils of fog drift down over the skyscrapers to give it that truly San Francisco feel!

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