Geese at the Botanical Gardens

While trekking through the Botanical Gardens I came across a flock of geese. This is the first time I've encountered this flock within the gardens and I was pleasantly surprised to see them there. I also thought of my pal Ratty over at The Everyday Adventurer who has had some fascinating experiences and stories to tell about geese encounters.

I caught them in the lake both in photos and a short video clip which you can view at the end of this post. There are still some major renovations taking place within the gardens though this did not stop these playful geese from having some fun. Enjoy!


Ratty said…
I love seeing the Botanical Gardens when you have pictures. The geese make that place seem even more like home. I think the nature park where I see most of my geese now is a similar place, though a little wilder in places and a little more infested with mosquitoes. I didn't stop to think of the similarities until your post now. It makes me happy to think I have a place almost like that.
Icy BC said…
Watching the geese is fun, especially if there are babies with them. Great photos, Jo!
rainfield61 said…
I would like to replace all these geese with monkeys, and the is the view of the famous botanical garden in Penang Island.
Cher said…
great post! my little girl enjoyed watching the geese having fun. :)
WillOaks Studio said…
I have a bad attitude about Canadian Geese here at WillOaks. They descend in droves, leave droppings EVERYWHERE (which the dogs roll in, phew!) and worst of all, add bad bacteria to our swimming beach..e we must close it sometimes. I scare them off with truck horns and towels waved in the air by running after them, whew, it can be a lot of exercise to chase them away! They are protected..I've never harmed them but have made them feel very unwelcome! (but I love your garden photos, regardless!)
cherie said…
i like to see them in flight, too...thank you for this, ma'am.
Mountain Woman said…
How nice to see the photos of the geese. I wonder if they are migrating already?
Have you ever thought of keeping one (or two) of those as a pet/pets? Want to know what the most outlandish animals I've had for pets are? I've had 4 monkeys and a goat! I think that's pretty outlandish, don't you think? :)
Ratty, glad you liked the geese. When I journey through "your place" it seems magical to me. I love it.

Icy, they are pretty cool to watch.

rainfield, that would be so much fun.

Cher, thank you I'm so glad she enjoyed them.

WillOaks, Thanks, you do have a point. I noticed all the droppings there on the grass which during most warm and sunny days people stretch out and have picnics. So, I'm not sure how that will work out in the future. There is still much renovation being done so we'll see.

cherie, you are welcome and thanks for stopping by.

Mountain Woman, thank you for stopping by as well.

Charity, cool - 4 monkeys and a goat. I'd love that :)

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