4th of July Picnic Recipe - Stuffed Squash

Stuffed Squash

My Mom's Recipe

A. Ingredients
a. Buy medium size squash about 8 to 10
b. 6 eggs
c. Boiled chard fresh or packaged. If packaged (1 pkg.) You can also use spinach.
d. About 2 cups grated parmesan cheese
e. 1 1/2 cup bread crumbs. If you can find Italian style bread crumbs, they're much better
f. About 6 slices hard bread soaked. French bread is perfect for this recipe.
g. 2 tbls. oil or margarine. (Olive oil is best)
h. Pepper and salt to taste
i. Sweet basil (to taste)
j. Italian seasoning (to taste)
k. Minced garlic

B. Cooking Methods
a. Cut medium size squash lengthwise in half and par boil them until fork goes through
without too much effort. Do not over boil them because you won't be able to handle them.
b. Add the ingredients above, in the order given in a large bowl.
c. When squash is par boiled scoop out insides of squash leaving just a little to form a groove.
d. Put some of the squash that was scooped out of each one, about half or so into the mixture.
e. Pierce the shells of the squash with fork about three times in each shell.
f. Scoop the mixture into the groove of each squash and place in oiled pan with thinly sliced potatoes
underneath each squash and around the pan and bake in preheated 350 degree oven for 1 hour.
Make sure the potatoes are thinly sliced.
**Make sure you boil the chard or spinach before adding to the mixture.

C. Servings
These are good both heated or right out of the fridge. I prefer them cold. Great for picnics.


betchai said…
thanks for sharing Jo, this looks delicious, and I will surely try this one.
Icy BC said…
Sounds so delicious, thanks Jo!
Campbell Jane said…
Oh does this sound good!
Icy BC said…

You've been tagged on Wandering Thoughts!
Ratty said…
This recipe looks excellent. I've only recently been willing to try squash and I've discovered that I like it. I try not to be such a picky eater, but it's hard to break a habit like that.
A. said…
I really must try this. I've many times wondered about American recipes but this is one where I could get the ingredients AND it's a tried and tested family recipe. Thank you!
RNSANE said…
I like squash every way...summer, winter, etc....being a Southern belle, it was always part of my life. This recipe sounds like many in my family though I didn't have either Greek or Italian roots.

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