Seal Rocks

Seal rock which is displayed in the above photo was the original hang out for the sea lions who have since taken up residence at Pier 39. The rocks are located on the northwest shore of ocean beach right below the cliff house. The steep and rocky cliffs along with the smooth sandy makeup at ocean beach are a result of hundreds of years of shifting sand, wind and waves.

In order to get to these rocks and the one shown in the photo above you need to get down that steep slope I was talking about in my post yesterday. I watched while some woman had mastered that slope and walked out to the rock to have her photo taken. I was jealous :) I will one of these days get down there to that rock and when I do, you, my readers will be the first to see the photos. For now though, enjoy the scene from a distance.

The photo below displays the Cliff House at a distance with the old Sutro Baths location to the left and ocean beach with that rock I want to get up close and personal with to the right. If you look closely on the left of the photo you will see someone walking that narrow path. That is where I need to be in order to walk out to Seal Rock. It's getting to that path which is difficult but I promise you I will get there one of these days. Enjoy the views.


betchai said…
they are all lovely Jo, I can see the trails in the 3rd picture. i can almost hear the crashing of the waves in your pictures.
rainfield61 said…
I followed you, and had to stopped at where you were. I saw what you had seen, and hopefully I'll see more in a closest view.
Dr. Lauren said…
Wow, what an amazing view. Great photo's
Icy BC said…
Wonderful and stunning view, right where you are Jo..You've captured the it beautifully..
Ratty said…
You're right, it is a great view. If I was there, I would be plotting and scheming to get to that rock too.
havenlei said…
very scenic and calming...
Glynis said…
Great pics, they made me feel quite refreshed.
zorlone said…
Ah! Lovely view... The beach has a calming effect. Brings out serenity and peace of mind and soul.

bessye said…
Hi Joanne,
That was my favorite place to be! You caught it just perfectly in your photos. I miss it. I use to enjoy just walking to the market at the bottom that still there?

WillOaks Studio said…
Golly I miss the ocean (hard to get to from the middle of the country) but your photos capture a great sense of it-thanks!
betchai, Thanks, I think of you everytime I trek somewhere :)

rainfield, thanks, my goal is to get closer and closer.

Dr. Lauren, Thanks so much.

Thanks Icy, I aim to be much closer next time.

Ratty, lucky for me I'm a great plotter and schemer :)

Havenlei, glad you enjoyed it.

Glynis, thanks for stopping by.

Z, exactly, that is why I love it so much.

bessye, yep the Safeway is still there. I always stop by there when I'm in the area. Did you live up near Sutro Park?

WillOaks, I'm happy you are enjoying the posts. There will be more.
VanillaSeven said…
Very good angle of photo from where you took the shots. Beautiful scenery! :) I miss the beach :(
AVCr8teur said…
I remember the days when the sea lions used to hang out there. I walked part of the path you are referring to, but didn't go all the way out.
RNSANE said…
Isn't out area of the world, lovely - and you are wonderful to keep reminding us with these spectacular photographs. Thank you, Jo!
Vanilla, thanks, I'll bring the beach to you so you won't be missing it so much :)

AVC, Yep, I do too. Now they hang at Pier 39.

Carmen, I love photographing SF. I'm glad you like them. Thank you.

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