Beyond, the call

Beyond, the call

Your face I see
beyond the horizon


you call to me
upon jagged cliffs
where ocean's tempest
bids adieu.

I hear your call


your spirit I touch
upon receding waves

speaking in silence
your name
with love.


cherie said…
i answer in haste
not wanting to waste

a second of joy,

love is nothing

with you gone.
betchai said…
the message and the video goes perfectly with each other, love them both Jo.
betchai said…
ps...sorry, forgot to add the picture that introduced the message of your poem is so well chosen, love them all jo. it makes me feel like being there and reminiscing inspirational moments.
cherie, we definitely must collaborate - I love your words.

betchai, I had just taken that photo and video so the poem fit right in with them. Thank you my friend.
Ratty said…
A great poem, and the picture and the video match it well. I really like those stairs in the picture.
Icy BC said…
This is so sweet! Very loving poem, Jo..
Ratty, thanks you should see just how steep those stairs are :)

Icy, Thank you.
Stanis, Thank you so much
RNSANE said…
This poem makes me think of my special person for away, on the other side of the Indian Ocean, who I will be seeing in just a couple of months!!!!

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