Stumped at The Gardens

With all the new paths at the Botanical Gardens I have been encountering some new spots I had never seen so here are some photos of tree stumps, bark etc... that I found interesting while roaming the redwood trail. I will have more for you these next few days. Enjoy!


Simply beautiful! I love it when a simple walk, down a lovely hidden path, reveals such beauty! Nice share...thank you so much!!
rainfield61 said…
Looking at the stumps on the hiking trail, I always wonder why there are through holes along the trunks. Is it where the wisdom flows?
Ratty said…
I like looking at the tree stumps too. I have a lot of pictures of the ones I see too. Like Rainfield, I wonder about the holes. I imagineanimals living there.
Cher said…
rainfield's comment made me think... perhaps it's where the wisdom flows, huh?

there is beauty everywhere. we just need to stop and appreciate them.
betchai said…
it's always inspiring to see some surprises in our walks. interesting photos Jo.
Hhhhmmm....stumps...remind me of dwarfs...and other things that are nice...but then not so having a place to sit on but then realizing that it's a tree stump and that the tree stump bugs are gonna eat your butt up!! :)
Icy BC said…
The first stump is so huge! Very interesting to see, Jo!
Shinade, thank you for your kind words.

rainfield, yes that is it. You are so wise, you must have sat on some of those stumps :-)

Ratty, you both could be on to something there.

Cher, maybe. I never sit on them so it makes sense I am not very wise :)

betchai, I love coming across surprises on my walks. It's very exhilarating.

Charity, and they'd have much to eat in my case :-)

Icy, I know it was a bit strange to see one so wide but fascinating. Thanks.
Ayie said…
There's always something different outside...the beauty of nature always amazes me.
Ayie, I know what you mean, I am always in awe of nature.
RNSANE said…
Somehow I missed these beautiful pictures, Jo...must have been when I was away. I love the little fairy circle!!!

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