Flowers @ The Botanical Gardens

Oriental Trumpet Lillies


Icy BC said…
Beautiful flowers, and great pictures, Jo! I would love to sit on that bench by the red flowers.
betchai said…
oh, i love that red vine jo, makes me feel wanting to sit in that chair and read a book. love the pink ones too, the last one, i have some of them at home.
Icy, I know, I did that for a little while and it was so nice and peaceful.

betchai, how cool that you have some in your garden :)
RNSANE said…
Nothing is as spectacular as nature, in my opinion.
What kind of flowers are those blue ones in the last photo? I like blue flowers. :)
zorlone said…
These are lovely pictures again. I have to get out more and practice taking pictures, even if my camera and I are non pro. LOL

Carmen, I totally agree.

Charity, I have no idea but they were gorgeous.

Z, I am certainly not a pro but I love taking pics.

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