Wordless Wednesday - Autumn Leaves or Les Feuilles Mort

Autumn Leaves performed by vocalist Sony Holland - www.sonyholland.com


betchai said…
very beautiful song Jo. love it so much, thanks for sharing.
Icy BC said…
Beautiful song, and beautiful voice..Love it!
Icy and betchai, Thank you and I'm glad you like Sony's voice. It is a beautiful song.
RNSANE said…
Gosh, I miss Sony so much. It's nice to be able to hear her sing this song just as she did so many times for all her fan here in the Bay area. Can't wait for her return in August. I've played this so much the last couple of days, my sons are saying, "Enough already!" We just don't have the same musical tastes!
I miss her too, so very much.

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