The Buddha Speaks by Gu Cheng

Photo of Tian Tan Buddha taken by me in Hong Kong 2008

The Buddha Speaks

I am poor
I have no place to weep

my occupation s fixed
fixedly I sit
a thousand years
come wearing the richest of smiles
go subtly extending a hand
as if having given something to humanity

I don't know what I can give
and don't hope to gain
I just want to keep my tears
keep them till my work is done

deep green sandalwood turns to ash
parched red stars
are falling

by Gu Cheng (1956 - 1993)


Icy BC said…
Beautiful photo, and the poem is just fantastic, Jo..
DoanLegacy said…
The poem goes perfectly with you wonderful picture.
Ann said…
That is a great photo, and the poem goes with it perfectly
rainfield61 said…
Great poemthat gives us a different thought.
Diane AZ said…
Fantastic photo and thought provoking poem.
yoon see said…
I totally agree with all the above, love your creative photos and poem:)
Vernz said…
Great capture .. and I agree too with the poem ..lovely thought..
Zuzanna Musial said…
Wow! Beautiful photo and a very nice poem too.
Thank you for sharing the World beauty dear poetess...:)
*MrsMartinez* said…
Hello Jo
Is this the buddha taken in Ngong Ping 360?
RNSANE said…
I cherish Buddhas as you probably know from my reclining buddha photo and poem. This one is especially beautiful.
Icy, thanks, he was an excellent and one of my favorite poets.

Thanks so much, Doan

Ann, I thought it was a good match.

Rainfield, yes, it is different and that's what I liked about it.

Thank you Diane.

yoon see, thanks for visiting and leaving your thoughts.

Thanks so much Vernz

Zuzanna, Oh, you are sweet, you are welcome and thank you.

Mrs. M (Michelle) yes, he is the same one. xoxo

Carmen, thanks.
AVCr8teur said…
The poem goes so appropriately with your picture. Was this taken on Lantau Island? I remember visiting this place back in 1999. Climbing those stairs to the top was a feat in itself, but the view was lovely from the top.
Karen, yes he is one and the same. Those steps were quite a hike. Before I left for HK I trained by climbing alot of the hills and outside stairs here because I knew I'd be visiting him. The view is spectacular from that vantage point.

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