Chinese Pavilion in Golden Gate Park

All Photos taken by me @ The Chinese Pavilion in Golden Gate Park

While trekking through the gardens the other day I decided to venture outside and take a stroll along Stow Lake in Golden Gate Park. I hadn't been out there in a while so I thought it would be fun to bring you some photos from that area.

I first wanted to show you the Chinese Pavilion on Strawberry Hill which is located right along Stow Lake. This pavilion was given as a gift to San Francisco by it's Sister city Taipei on April 15th 1981. I have to say that the architecture and intricate artwork is just spectacular. For a moment I thought I was back in Hong Kong. It's a wonderful little spot to enjoy a picnic lunch or just immerse yourself in the beauty of it all.

This is a closeup shot of the pavilion entrance near the rooftop. I don't know what it says but I can tell you that it is absolutely gorgeous in person.

This is a view of the pavilion from the Stow Lake grounds. Due to the lighting and glare of the sun, the treetops did not come out the way I wanted but they are good enough.

View of the inside artwork up towards the dome.

View of the round dome.

The grounds around the pavilion are beautiful. It has a little pond which was full of ducks and a little bridge which takes you right to the lake. The trees, foliage and rock designs are very charming and serene.

I will have much more from Stow Lake during this week.


Truth Ferret said…
Wow, your photos are magical. Thank you for sharing such wonders with us.
Kass said…
I've been to Golden Gate Park, but I didn't see the detail you have captured here. Makes me want to go back.
Margie said…
Spectacular! That's a place I'll always wish I could have seen in person. Thanks.
VanillaSeven said…
Oh wow.. so beautiful! We happened to post about the same theme about Chinese culture here Jo :D
Sharkbytes (TM) said…
I love places like this. I'll have to remember to visit if I ever get out that way again.
Self Sagacity said…
Very nice photography! It's really nice to be able to see the details. There is an award waiting for you at Have a wonderful day!
chubskulit said…
Those are gorgeous shots!
Ann said…
It's just beautiful, very nice shots.
Ratty said…
Now that is a great place. I thought so when I looked at the first picture. But then when you showed where it is it became something very much more. If that was anywhere around here it would always have a crowd.
Oh wow.. so beautiful!
Hillbilly Willy said…
Great Pictures - 10-4 Willy
You are welcome, Ferret.

Kass, there is so much to see in GGP you need at least a week :)

Margie, you and Edna and the boys should come out one of these days :)

Vanilla, cool, I'm coming over to take a look today.

Shark, yes you would love it there.

Self, thank you and thanks so much for the award.

Thanks, Chub.

Ratty, Glad you like it. I have much more from that area that you will love.

Thank you beautiful, :)

Hillbilly, Thanks so much.
Campbell Jane said…
So beautiful. I forgot how beautiful. This time of year is perfect for a trip.
Jane, yes this time of year is gorgeous out there.
Glynis said…
Oh wow, how gorgeous!
yoon see said…
Hello Joanne Olivieri,

Fantastic shots! I miss China and your beautiful chinese pavillion shots makes me want to revisit China again.
The details, colours, setting and everything is great! The third shot can be turned into a postcard! Love the calm setting by the lake.

I wish we all have the time to be closed to the nature as well as the history more often. It's another way to reconnect the past to the new!
RNSANE said…
This is just spectacular. Many years ago, I took Alex and Jeremy ( over Thanksgiving ) on a five day trip to Taipei. We had a wonderful time. Most enjoyable was a visit to the National Museum. I could have spent the entire five days there but, of course, the boys were younger and weren't content to just wander around a museum with some of the most precious possessions brought from China.
C said…
aaaahhhhh....musings of ancient China.... yes intricate is the word. Refined is another word. :)
Self Sagacity said…
I am always fascinated with the old time architecture.

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