Flowering Branches @ The Botanical Gardens


Secondary Roads said…
Beautiful. I'd love to go for a walk there today.
Kass said…
Beautiful blossoming bouncy branches! Let's see, what else starts with B?....
rainfield61 said…
These trees are singing the songs of spring.
Chuck, I will be doing just that tomorrow :)

Kass, LOL too cute.

Rainfield, I could not have said it better myself :)
Campbell Jane said…
Gorgeous! aChoo! Gorgeous!
Glynis said…
Beautiful blossoms!
madison said…
Poetic Shutterbug,
I value your comments above all others.

I love these images. Cherry blossoms are my favorite part of spring. Keep in touch, dear. Please.
Ann said…
they are so pretty. I remember when I was growing up we had to flowering crab apple trees in our front yard. They were beautiful in spring with all the blossoms.
fullet said…
I would never get tired of watching these trees, they are so beautiful! There are nice shadows too to sit down and relax. *Ah...!*
AVCr8teur said…
It's blooming everywhere and into such vivid red, pink, and white colors.
Ana Goncalves said…
Dear Joanne,
What a beautiful day to go-awandering and catch these wonderful trees blossoming ever so beautifully in all their trueness. :)
Thank you for such wonderful photos.
Jane, LOL, Thanks

Thanks, Glynis

madison, ah, you are an excellent wordsmith and I certainly will.

Ann, great memories, it's a beautiful time of year.

fullet, yes and thank you.

Karen, That is what is so cool. The vibrant colors.

Ana, You are so welcome and thank you for visiting.
Kim said…
Love the trees blossomed out! I lost track of you for a bit...did you give up entrecard? I hadn't been able to find you. Thanks for the comments on my blog. You'll have to get some of those pics organized soon! :)
Hi Kim, Yes, I gave up not only EC but adgitize and everything else as well. Yeah, the pics are all over :) I need to get the out of shoe boxes and into albums.:)
betchai said…
beautiful shots Jo, I love spring, and the blossoms everywhere.
Looks like a grand walk through an Asian garden. Lovely shots.
yoon see said…
There are all so pretty. I especially love the bottom two.
There are white, red and pink. I find them are too hard to resist.
Feast to my eyes, darling.

Thank you for dropping by my blog, I plan to temporary stop blogging a while, I will miss your postings too.
Denise said…
Just beautiful! My favorite place to walk around is a botanical garden.
WillOaks Studio said…
Oh WOW!! You guys down there are sure way ahead of us with your blooming schedule. Beautiful, I can practically smell the flowers!
Eng said…
Ahhhh! spring, the most uplifting time of the year.your photos are so calming and serene....if only i can do the same with my rhyming...lol! its draught season, rhymingwise for me, jo...tsk!

ops...i love the new header...indeed, a poet with camera - a deadly yet perfect combination!!!

keep well!

jakill said…
How lovely. I can't wait for all that to appear here. It should be soon.
Ratty said…
These beautiful pictures make me anticipate when the trees around me will all start to do this. It reminds me that it won't be long now.
*MrsMartinez* said…
I love the last phot. The flowers were like peeping and saying hello! It put a smile on my face! Thank you!

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