Being Independent

Photo taken by me @ Ocean Beach in San Francisco

While writing for through the beginning of last year, I had a series of short articles on topics related to living a happy and contented life. I've decided to re-introduce this series on this blog. Now mind you I am not an expert on these subjects, however, these topics were written based on my own experiences. Some of you who know me from have already seen some of these articles yet with so many new readers
I wanted to again share them with all of you.

Being Independent

Being independent is seen sometimes as being different in today’s society. If we find ourselves taking a different path than others we are seen as the “odd” one. Yet do we really want to have someone else thinking for us or making decisions for us because it’s the popular thing to do? Just because your friends are taking drugs or drinking and driving does that mean that we have to adhere to that same behavior? In high school and college I know that many of us were faced with these situations. Many of us followed what everyone else was doing because it was the “cool” thing to do.

Many people also follow the guidance of others in relation to what they do for a living. We may want to become a writer or musician yet we are guided towards another career by well meaning people who decide they should do our thinking for us. It takes courage and an immense amount of self-confidence to think for ourselves and go it alone. It is so much easier to follow the pack than take that solitary step, yet a journey alone provides us the freedom we need to grow and become who we were meant to be. We can only find our true self by taking the road less traveled.

Here are some suggestions:

Believe in what your heart tells you to do. Following others in what they think and do only allows you to ignore your true self. Think for yourself even if it differs from others.

Let go of expectations. Let others be who they are. Even if you do not like their choices or have the same beliefs, allow them to be an individual and independent of anyone else.


Liz said…
Very true! By believing in what your heart tells you and following it, you can have total freedom and truly find yourself.
fullet said…
I needed to read a post like this one, Joanne. I really think I lost myself in other people's customs. I'll learn by heart your suggestions, they are so true and well said!
Ann said…
For the longest time I was a follower. I would do what other people did, think what they thought and just go along. I guess I just never knew who I was or what I wanted. I think I've finally figured out who I am though and I have to say I like myself a whole lot more now. Maybe other people don't but that's ok too.
B.Held said…
I loved this post. Very inspirational. Never lose your independence, Jo!
Margie said…
I follow my heart but you know what my old sister says about that.
I think you just follow my Margiedales.
rainfield61 said…
There is a big invisible ruler being used to measure us, from time to time.

We are definitely not able to be totally independant.
Cinnamon-Girl said…
I really needed this right now! I am contemplating a big change and don't know how it's going to be received by my family. I'm really trying to follow my heart. But it can be hard sometimes.
*MrsMartinez* said…
This is very timely! This post inspires me to do what I love to do and to throw all the negativity that surrounds me.
Ratty said…
This was one of my favorite series of yours back then. I'm really glad you've brought this back. This kind of post is what can inspire a lot of positive thought from anyone who takes time to read.
C said…
"Why, sometimes, I believe is as many as six impossible things before breakfast." ... I'd rather believe in many impossible things than believe in many possible things that everybody else believes in.

Why would I want to believe anything-- if everybody else believes it, too??
DK Miller said…
Nice post, it is fitting to where I am at right. I really look forward to seeing more in this series.
Icy BC said…
I echoed Ratty's comment, Jo..I'm glad you're bringing them back.

I love your suggestions.
RNSANE said…
I do think this is so important...while being independent does not always make you popular, it is a necessity in my life. I have to dance to my own music and I find that, often, others will often join in as well!
Sharkbytes (TM) said…
Well, I sure have no trouble being independent! Love the pic- lonely beaches are the best.
Mumsy said…
Love this post! I grew up allowing other people's opinions influenced what I should be or do, and it was a terrible feeling..
Liz, thank you and I firmly believe that to be true.

fullet, In the past I've found myself to be lost by others as well. Thanks for commenting.

Ann, exactly! Once you find that you don't care what others think, you can truly be yourself.

Thanks Brittany, I am independent to a fault some might say :D

Margie, You got the true meaning of this post "My Margiedales"
Rainfield, yet I believe that ruler encourages our independence.

Cinnamon, it is extremely difficult but I have found in my decades of being on this earth that the only way to be truly happy and at peace is to follow your heart despite what others think. They are not living your life, you are.

Mrs. M, (Michelle) exactly, you said it well. xoxo

Ratty, thanks, I have been wanting to bring it back for a while, so you will see more on here.

C, well said.

Diane, I'm glad you can relate and there will be more.

Thanks, Icy, you will see more from time to time.

Carmen, so true :) And yes I've seen many dance and join in with you :D

That's what I love about you Shark :)

Mumsy, I did as well and I never want to do that again. Thanks for visiting

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