Signs of Spring

All of these photos were taken by me @ The Botanical Gardens. The above photo depicts a flowering plant from South Africa though I did not remember the name. They were quite beautiful. I think what I may start doing there is exploring one section at a time while taking notes of names etc... Otherwise I just go crazy and take pics randomly of everything. Also, the squirrel is not necessarily a sign of Spring however I had to include him because he just cracked me up. I was walking along a path and he came up to me and perched himself on a rock and stood there until I snapped the photo, then off he went. It was hilarious and it happens all the time now. They are like little divas on the red carpet.


rainfield61 said…
I looked for pictures on mechanical spring in Powerpoint last Friday for my presentation, it gave me a long list of pictures on spring.

Spring has been seen or heard in everywhere.
Kia said…
Lol. That squirrel is adorable!
Mumsy said…
Wow..gorgeous pictures of the flowers, and the squirrel is a sweet treat!
DK Miller said…
Lovely, it really does look like spring by you!
AVCr8teur said…
Not a photo-shy squirrel. :) So many wonderful photo-ops at Golden Gate Park.

You might already do this, but try photographing the sign so you don't forget what the subject is called. It's easier than noting on paper.
True-- that squirrel was mugging for the camera for sure!
Liz said…
Those flowers are gorgeous and I have to agree, the squirrel is adorable. :)

Have a great week ahead.
Diane AZ said…
I like the pretty spring flowers and I think that squirrel was hoping for a snack. :)
Rainfield, you are too cute :)

Kia, he is huh? :)

Mumsy, he made my day.

Diane, yes, it has for a while.

Karen, that is a great idea. I should and will try and remember that next visit, which will be soon.

Christy, he really was :)

Liz, thanks and you have a wonderful week as well.

Diane, You know you may be onto something there. They all are like that so they either love their photos taken or they wait to see what that is in my hand and when realized it's a camera they take off :D
Ratty said…
Great spring pictures. I love the way the squirrel seems to be waiting there expectantly for you.
Anonymous said…
Gorgeous flowers of the garden, Jo, and the squirrel is just so cute looking at you like that!
Cinnamon-Girl said…
Pretty pictures and a cute squirrel! Happy Spring!
Marilynne said…
I like the squirrel too. The flowers you show us also look like ones that can flourish in a dry climate. I don't know how dry San Francisco is, but in San Diego, I'm planting with an eye toward water usage.
Martha Z said…
It is a lovely place to wander and you found one little iris to photograph. I had the first one bloom in my garden this week.
VanillaSeven said…
That Squirrel just sit there nicely for you to take picture Jo, how lovely!
Glynis said…
Lovely pictures, thanks for sharing Jo. It is spring here in Cyprus, the wild flowers are in the fields, it is a delight to see.
DoanLegacy said…
What a great garden, and at this time of the year, it must be heavenly!

Beautiful pictures
Sadia Hussain said…
These are indeed welcome signs of spring! I love the last post; the squirrel is all set to greet the new season! Wonderful!
jakill said…
Sqirrels are strange but cute creatures. I scared one in my walk in the park yesterday. It made a great leap for a tree, missed and ended up on the ground (very unusual for them to miss I think). Then it rushed to a fallen log and stood stock still, staring at me until I moved off. We were only a few feet apart and I had my camera, but, would you believe, after two earlier shots the battery gave up.
Ratty, the squirrel was just adorable.

Icy, Isn't he though? He probably wanted food :)

Thanks Cinnamon and Happy Spring to you

Marilynne, Thank so much.

Martha, it was the only one I have see so far. I am going back this week though so hopefully there will be more.

Vanilla, He was a cutie.

Glynis, it must be beautiful there. I envy you.

Doan, it really is.

Sadia, Yes, he was flitting around like a diva.

jakill, It is unusual for them to miss a tree. He may have been scared. It is interesting to watch these little guys and study them. Around here, they are not afraid of us. They come right up to us. Oh, that's terrible about the batteries. I always carry spare batteries and an extra sd card around with me.
*MrsMartinez* said…
Hi there
It's so hard to take a picture of squirrels. And look how you captured it and it looks like its posing for your camera hehe
I was not able to get a decent shot of one when I was there....
Ann said…
What pretty flowers and the squirrel is so cute. I wish I could get them to run out and pose for me.
Michelle, They are much more friendly now for some reason, they like to be photographed :D xoxo

Ann, Thanks. They are all over the gardens and love to pose :D
Princess Haiku said…
I have some photos in my archives of the Japanese Tea Garden in SF you might like. Did you know about Helene's Grimaud's wolf protection preserve?
Makoy said…
cute squirrel :)

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