Beautiful Grassland Is My Home - Gong Yue

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My friend Vincent who lives in Hong Kong, introduced me to this singer's video a couple of years ago. The song is a Chinese folk song called Beautiful Grassland Is My Home. I am a huge fan of Asian music and when I saw this video, heard Gong Yue's sweet and beautiful voice accompanied by the traditional Asian instruments, I just fell in love. I obviously do not understand the words however it doesn't matter. The music, voice and video tell the story. I wanted to share it with you and get your thoughts. Enjoy!


Icy BC said…
You're right, Jo. I don't understand a word either, but the music, the video, and the voice are just amazing!
Icy, aren't they though? I love it.
Secondary Roads said…
Beautiful. Hauntingly beautiful!
Chuck, thanks, it really is and haunting is the perfect description.
Glenna Frazier said…
Absolutely Beautiful. Oh And what a voice. Thanks for sharing.
Anonymous said…
The music is wonderful.
Glenna, She does have a gorgeous voice. Thank for visiting.

Brittany, Thanks, glad you like it.
Ann said…
I love the sound and she does have a beautiful voice. There are a lot of new songs out these days, and even though they are singing in english I can't understand the words in them either.
fullet said…
This is a delight, Joanne, I like her voice and the soft percussion. It has cleared my mind!
Diane AZ said…
I enjoyed the music and the nature images, and I like how she stands in a "beautiful grassland" while singing.
AVCr8teur said…
The scenery is amazing and goes well with a beautiful and soothing voice.
Ann, LOL! I know what you mean.

fullet, It is very soothing

Diane, Yeah, that's pretty cool.

Karen, yes it blends perfectly.
Sharkbytes said…
Very nice! Don't know if it's the same singer, but this is one of my favs. I have listened to it quite a few times, which is really unusual for me.
*MrsMartinez* said…
There was once a music idol in Hong Kong named Teresa Teng . Her music is timeless!
Just so sad that she died so early. Her voice is so pleasant.
Shark, I will check out the link now. Thanks.

Mrs. M, You know I've heard of her. I had a friend that used to go to Hong Kong specifically to see her. Thank you.

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