In The Garden ~ Guest Post by: Taylor Graham

Photos taken by me @ The SF Botanical Gardens


Between the lawn and pebble deck
stands a Oaxacan tree-of-life:
fired clay trunk and branches flowering
at the top with birds of peace

that gaze softly down on Eve
and Adam, the Serpent with an apple
in its mouth. Around the mythic tree,
periwinkle twines its tendrils

among red-clay limbs, through leaves;
over Adam’s shoulder, about Eve’s
waist; over-coiling the Snake,
weaving everything with living green.


chubskulit said…
lovely garden and poem!
Diane, Thank you.

Chubs, Thanks so much.
Anonymous said…
Gorgeous photos Jo, and the poem is so well fitted..Just wonderful!
Kass said…
How generous to offer us Taylor Graham. Lovely.
Anonymous said…
Beutifully done... the photos and poem complement each other perfectly!
Ann said…
Very nice, photos and poem
Sadia Hussain said…
Beautiful words! I loved the last line; very well written! and yes a perfect illustration!
Autumn Belle said…
A lovely garden with a beautiful poem to match.
Thank you all for your wonderful comments as they are truly appreciated.
Diane AZ said…
Gorgeous tree pictures and I love the poem about the Oaxacan tree-of-life. :)

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