On A San Francisco High Tribute

Photo and Video by me.

There have been so many songs written about San Francisco by so many great songwriters and artists. The video/photo montage that I created as a tribute to Sony and Jerry Holland after they left San Francisco plays my favorite SF song, On A San Francisco High. Written, composed and arranged by Jerry Holland and sung by Sony Holland. Enjoy!

Visit Sony's Website @ www.sonyholland.com


Margie and Edna said…
Margie: Have you ever heard "On A Margiedale High"? I bet you wish you were?
Margie, Yes, Edna told me about the Margiedale High and I'm jealous :)
Kass said…
I've only visited S.F., but I can understand why you love it so much. Wonderful musical tribute! Sony is beautiful.
Secondary Roads said…
Somehow beautiful seems to fall short when trying to describe her voice. Very nicely done.
Kass, Thanks so much, you have to come out again :)

Chuck, aw, very sweet, thank you.
dawn said…
A beautiful and lovely tribute!
Ann said…
She does have a great voice. The song is great
B.Held said…
just fantastic!
Diane AZ said…
Beautiful voice and song, makes me want to visit San Francisico!
Lynda Lehmann said…
I've never been there but now you have me wanting to come over!

The song is "mellow" and beautiful, as is the singer. And it seems to fit the graceful presence of the bridge over that blue expanse....

Thanks for the little day trip!
Truth Ferret said…
Be sure to wear some flowers in your air, when you visit San Fransico.

I've never been to California, but when I finally make it out there, I've got to go to San Francisco. Chinatown, Fishermen's Wharf and the bridge are on my to do list.
What a pretty song! San Francisco is my favorite city, I just love it there!
Dawn, Thank you.

Ann, thanks for the kind words.

Thanks Brittany.

Diane, :) I know huh?

Lynda, you are very welcome and thanks for visiting.

Ferret, there are so many things to do here you'll need at least two weeks :D

Thanks Willie.

Catherine, that is so cool to hear, thank you.
fullet said…
I love it! She has such a great voice and the images are really charming :) I have an award for you in my blog, hope you like it!
DoanLegacy said…
She has an amazing voice! Your picture of the golden Bridge is gorgeous!

(Please don't publish the last comment, too early in the morning :-)
DK Miller said…
Very nice. I nice. I'd love to go back to San Francisco sometime. I really enjoyed my few visits there but they were too long ago.
Icy BC said…
Beautiful photo and the song is a marvelous tribute, Jo!
fullet, Thanks so much and I will be over to check it out soon.

Doan, thanks so much I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Diane, When were you here? It would be great if you came back.

Icy, Thanks so much :)
*MrsMartinez* said…
This post reminds me of the trip my DH and I took two years ago. SF is beautiful! love it!xoxo

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