Street Scenes

All Photos Taken by Me in SF.

Continuing with my post from yesterday, I'll show you a couple of interesting, or at least I thought of as interesting sights out by the Great Highway at Ocean Beach. I thought this home was really cool. It certainly stands out in this area due to the brick construction and look. I was so tempted to just knock on the door and ask if I could have a tour of the building. I did think however that it would not be the safest place to be during an earthquake. Brick buildings crumble in earthquakes not to mention being right across the highway from the beach where a tsunami during an EQ is a real possibility. I still loved the look of the house.

This old wooden wagon was so charming, I had to get a photo of it with those interesting plants. Again this was the only house on that particular block with any sign of nature. This wagon looked pretty heavy otherwise I would have rolled it along home. I loved it.

I really enjoyed this embedded sculpture of rocks depicting a dragon. I've not seen anything like this in my neighborhood. It was pretty large as well, about the length of a car.

Well, that is all for now folks. I hope to have more interesting sights for you very soon.


rainfield61 said…
I like te old wagon. You can have a good story or poem on it.
You are brilliant Rainfield and gave me an idea. Thank you
madison said…
Beautiful photographs!
Congrats on the new book, dear.
I can't wait to indulge.
Kass said…
The old wagon looks like a mine wagon. I've seen them in Park City (it was an old mining town once).
Diane AZ said…
I love the giant sea horse, that's something I'm not likely to encounter in the desert.
Margie said…
The Margiedales want to know if this is where you want to keep them when they come see you.
Ann said…
That is a really cool looking house. I bet if I helped we could both pull that wagon to your place
love that brick home...beautiful captures =)
Madison, thanks so much.

Kass, Oh, okay that never even came to mind but you're right. Thank you, I love the look.

Diane, Yes, it could be a sea horse, I thought it was a dragon :)

Margie, NO, they will be kept in MY basement.

Ann, Sounds good to me. Maybe Duke could pull it off :)
Priyanka, I do too. It is so different from all the other homes out here. Thank you.
Anonymous said…
Your work always enthralls me :)

Congrats on being one of the "Best Poetry Blogs." How exciting!
Mumsy said…
Those are beautiful scenery photos. I love all three that you've shown here!
the house looks nice indeed.
Vernz said…
What a classic scene, lovely...
VanillaSeven said…
I love the Sea Horse! So nice! :)
*MrsMartinez* said…
I like the wooden wagon as I seldom see one ;p
The first picture of the red brick house gives me a creepy feel. I don't know but when I saw it, I get scared of it. Maybe its just me .
Brittany, aw, you are sweet, thank you and ditto.

Thanks so much, Mumsy.

Willie, glad you like it.

Vernz, thank you.

Vanilla, I thought it was a dragon :D

MRs. M, (Michelle) No, many don't like the look of that house because it is so different from all the rest out here. Sorry it scared you xoxo
Ratty said…
You're right, the building is very nice looking. I liked the brick right away. The upstairs porch is good too.
AVCr8teur said…
That dragon design is so intricate! I always thought it would be nice to have a balcony to sit outside and watch the ocean waves, but it might be a little too cold at Ocean Beach.
Duni said…
Thanks for the virtual tour. Even if I can't visit SF in person right now at least I get to see some of it through your blog :)
The sea horse made from pebbles is unique!
symposio said…
Aren't those balconies just great, set against the brickwork? Great photos!
Auntie E said…
I like the sculpture, however it looks like a Seahorse to me.
My WW link for you
Autumn Belle said…
I like houses with red bricks. Look so beautiful. Wow, how I wish I have a sea horse design for my garden floor.
Ratty, yeah there's something just very mysterious and intriguing about it.

Karen, yes, during those foggy days, it gets way too cold.

Duni, thank you. Yes I guess it is a seahorse. I thought it was a dragon.

symposio, yeah I do love that look and thanks so much for visiting.

Auntie E, I think you are right. Everyone sees it as a seahorse but me :)

Autumn, It was pretty cool and very creative. Thanks.

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