Trees & More Trees

All of these shots were taken at the Botanical Gardens. I just adore the tree in the above photo. It is located right by the library and near the entrance to the gardens. This particular day was very busy with visitors even though it was during the week. I always try to get nature shots without people but sometimes it's just impossible. It was a beautiful day at the gardens this particular day.

I love the way this shot displays a tree within a tree. When I originally took the photo and saw the tree in the background I really did not know how the photo would turn out and was pleasantly surprised because it is so unusual.

To be perfectly honest I took this shot to get the mid day moon against that blue sky. The trees which I always love just happened to enhance the shot with their beauty. I know you can barely see the moon so you could always click the photos to enlarge.
I did not even think about using the zoom on my camera until I got home.


rainfield61 said…
The moon is so lucky. He sees the day and night of the Botanical Garden. The Sun fails to do that.
Mumsy said…
Gorgeous, gorgeous trees! Must be a nice place to just wandering around..
jakill said…
More beautiful pics, Jo. And the people in that first one, actually help us to see the scale of that tree.
Ann said…
That sounds like me, not thinking till I get home to do Love the tree shots, that second one is really cool the way it turned out
AVCr8teur said…
There are so many trees at the garden that you can be there for awhile enjoying its rewards.
Diane AZ said…
The middle shot is quite magical. I can imagine the tree in the background as an island in water or the sky.
Ah, Rainfield, you are so wise, I never thought of it that way. Maybe I should take a trip to the moon :D

Mumsy, thank you it is beautiful to roam there.

jakill, you are right, they do :)

Ann, thanks Ann :)

Karen, Absolutely, you can be there for hours and still not see everything.

Diane, Yes, what a great thought, it is magical.
DoanLegacy said…
How magnificent these trees are! I can see the moon in your last photo!
Very interesting and unique looking trees. Great photography.
Doan, lol, I can barely see it but I know it's there.

Edna, Thank you and have a great weekend.
*MrsMartinez* said…
The tree withing a tree is a rare shot! You must be so proud of yourself xoxo

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