Walking Tour Through The Garden Of Fragrance

Photos taken by me @ the Botanical Gardens. The video clip below is from the gardens website and takes you on a journey through the Garden of Fragrance. The pleasurable scents emanating from this particular garden lures you through the gates as you pass through the main entrance.

I have at various times tried to take videos while walking through the gardens, however, I am an amateur at best. So, I wanted to give all of you a more professional tour which is why I copied this from their website. It is informative, detailed and a beautiful display of the gardens I love.



Icy BC said…
Wow, Jo..I love the information in the video. I can almost smell them..

Your photos are beautiful.
Secondary Roads said…
Absolutely lovely. It's a pity you can't embed the odors for us. The ground here is still covered in snow.
Kass said…
We got a huge snow here in Utah today. I'm trying to smell your lovely blossoms. The pictures help.
fullet said…
It's great that they encourage people to touch the plants so that they can know their texture, and that's what I like to do when I find a fragrant plant. Great video and pics!
Diane AZ said…
I enjoyed the tour of the fragrance garden through your beautiful photos and the video.
Ann said…
Thanks for taking us along on a walk through the gardens today. I can't wait to smell the spring flowers around here.
Icy, I know and being there the other day the scents were just amazing, all over the garden.

Chuck, with all the techno advances these days you'd think someone would come up with a scent application.

Kass, lol, the photos do help :) Thanks,

fullet, yes, it's very cool and thank you.

Diane, I am so glad you liked it. Thank you.

Ann, It won't be too long :)
Margie and Edna said…
Margie: My Margiedales said they prefer the scent of Bath & Body Works.
Margie, And I would be happy to give each one a bath with their favorite scents. Would you like to help by toweling them off for me?
Mumsy said…
Your header is gorgeous, and I learn so much from the video. I like all the herbs they're growing there!
betchai said…
beautiful flowers Jo, they always bring happiness to our day.
*MrsMartinez* said…
Can I just say that I can smell the flowers from where I am just by looking at your pictures! Lovely! xoxo
Mumsy, thank you and they are planting more and more each day.

betchai, thank you so much.

Vernz, thank you, glad you like it.

Mrs. M, (Michelle) Aw, you are so sweet, xoxo
RNSANE said…
Lovely scents are always a lure for me. I know some people have allergies to smells but, even though, they can give me the sniffles, I still love them!

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