Win A Copy Of My New Book

This is the cover to my new book. I had to do a second revision so I am now waiting for my proof in the mail. I think though that I made an error on this last revision so I may have to revise again which will delay the process another few days. In any case, the book should be available by the beginning of April or thereabouts.

As you all know I have a waffle fetish :) which has nothing to do with the book other than a waffle poem I composed. However, I will be traveling to Glendale, Ca and need to find a breakfast spot that serves waffles either for breakfast or all day long. Now, I could research this myself but I thought why not make a contest out of it and give away an autographed copy of my new book when it comes out.

So, to win the contest you have to find a spot in Glendale, California (not any of the surrounding areas but in Glendale) that serves waffles as close to this address as possible - 200 W. Colorado St., Glendale, CA. You don't need to know the area at all. All you need to do is a Google search and you can find the information.

The first person to find the spot closest to this address who serves waffles will be the winner. I will announce the winner a week from today on March 23rd. You can leave your findings in a comment along with either a website link or address to the breakfast spot. Any questions, just email me or leave a comment. This contest is open to everyone. The book can be shipped internationally as well.

Thanks and have fun.


Truth Ferret said…
(818) 243-8812
145 N Maryland Ave, Glendale, CA 91206

it's less than half a mile away from the address you provided. Hope this helps.

rainfield61 said…
The game seems to be unfair. How can I tell if I never stay there??
Truth Ferret, thank you and yes very closeby, I like it.

Rainfield, here's a hint, take the address I've shown and in Google search, type waffles or waffle restaurants near 200 W. Colorado St., Glendale, CA
Truth Ferret said…
I've never been to California, but like you I have a computer and internet. So, I don't know if Chuy's is good, or the closest, but I do like a challenge.
Truth, I checked the map and it is close. I don't know that area either so all this helps me. I'm waiting until the 23rd to announce the winner. The place closest to that address will win. You are right up there :)
Truth Ferret said…
Thanks, I hope you have a great trip and this place looks close enough to even walk, since I understand that parking can be a problem. Walking after feasting on waffles is also probably a pretty good idea.

Truth, LOL! You've got that right. I normally walk everywhere when I travel so yeah, I'll be walking off the pounds. Thanks
Marilynne said…
This would be a lot easier if you were going to the South. There they have waffle houses and it might be their favorite breakfast, next to grits and gravy, of course.

Glendale's nice. Tell us about the waffles you find. I like Belgian waffles that are crispy on all the edges. They're hard to find.
Marilynne said…
I forgot to congratulate you on your book. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! That's a splendid thing.
1stly very very Congratulations to u for ur new book, :) u must b really very excited to publish it.. Wish i cud give u the answer :( n win a copy of this book...
waiting for the day when i'll be publishing my own book :)
Diane AZ said…
Congrats on the the new book! I wouldn't know where to go for waffles so I just make my own. :)
Marilynne, thank you. I'll have to make a special trip to the South specifically for the waffles one of these days. Haven't been to Glendale so it will be fun to explore a bit.

Priyanka, thank you, it is very exciting.

Diane, thank you.
Mumsy said…
Well, since you didn't mention if you want fast food or not, McDonald is your nearest place. It's only 0.5 mile from the address you've given..

Mcdonald's Restaurants

1322 Glendale Galleria,
Glendale, CA 91210

That was fun! Thanks for the challenge
Truth Ferret said…
In all the excitement of the contest, I haven't wished you well for your new book. Congrats from me and all the other frustrated writers out here. You must be so happy to realize a dream of yours.

Waffles are one of my favorite sinful foods, also. Crepes (sp?) are also so very, very yummy. A dear friend and I were discussing these today and we both love them plain without anything on top. Remember those crepe cafes that were trendy years ago? Magic Pan Crepes I think. So good.

Some hotels even have waffles on their breakfast bars, now. So if you stay at that kind of hotel, your closest waffle encounter might be a matter of the breakfast bar from your room. Check there, also. Just a thought.

fullet said…
Congratulations on your new book, Joanne! I just love that cover!
Mumsy, thanks though I don't think they serve waffles but I will have to check it out.

Truth, Thanks so much, it is an exciting project. I remember the Magic Pan very well. There was one located at Ghirardelli Square in SF years ago and we at there all the time. Their desserts were to die for. Waffles I like basically with butter and syrup. Just love em.

Also, I hate to break the news but Chuy's closed down in January of this year. However, that's okay. You are still in the lead for researching and finding a spot :)
fullet, thanks so much, I'm glad you like it.
Great cover Joanne. The lettering is a nice touch. I'm doing the "low carb" thing so waffles are off limits but I'll admit that I have a terrible weakness for crepes and if one was in front of me right now I would eat it without chewing.
Christy, LOL! Oh, I know what you mean. I do not own a waffle iron because if I did, I would not be able to fit out my door. This way, I have to go out to have my waffles :)

I had a different lettering on the book which I thought fit the style much better than the one you see, however, it was difficult to read the back cover so I picked this lettering as a second choice which was much easier to read.
Ann said…
I don't know how close this is I just took the first one in the list that came

IHOP Restaurant
605 N Glendale Avenue, Glendale, CA 91206
(818) 242 - 0922
More Information

fun contest.
Thanks Ann, it's not too far away. And, I love Ihop for waffles because they serve Belgians, Thank you - Winner announced on the 23rd.
C said…
Congratulations on your new book, Joanne! Let me know how I can order it for over here! :)

I'm having the same kind of a delay with my book! My pre-pub design team really messed up in the galley and they had to take it back and start all over. Very very frustrating. Someone in the design team just didn't do his/ her job and actually picked up the wrong manuscript! The unedited one! And so they're having to go back and do it all over again with the edited version of my manuscript!

Very frustrating.

But we are getting there and will get there. :)

Silvergirl said…
congrats for your first book!!

I just google this
Waffle The6255 West Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90028-7401(323) 465-6901‎

i hope it helps :P
Icy BC said…
Congrat on the book, Jo..The cover is beautiful. It looks like one of your photos!
Auntie E said…
Sent my answer to you via e-mail. It was a hard one because there are many Breakfast restaurants within walking distances of your address. I think I got a good one, And if it isn't well I will have to visit it when we are in Glendale again on vacation. It really sounded like a great place.
This entry is from Auntie E. And so far is the closest to my location.


0.5 Miles from the address you gave.
5. Eat Well
Category: Restaurants
Neighborhood: Glendale
1013 S Brand Blvd
Glendale, CA 91204

Auntie E
Auntie E., thank you so much. This one is the closest to the location I gave. Awesome, thank you. The winner will be announced on the 23rd.
C, it's difficult when someone else is producing the book. Mine is completely self published so when I revise it's because I made a mistake. I'll let you know when it is published and you do the same with yours.

Silvergirl, thanks so much :)

Icy, it is one of mine. It was taken at the gardens, thank you.
Truth Ferret said…
Hey, I'm not trying to be a nit-picker, but the place I posted is less than one half of a mile, so actually Chuy's is closer to your location.
Ferret, Chuy's is closed. It closed in January. I checked it out. Many times places close and their info is still on the web. But don't fret, I haven't made any announcements yet. I will on the 23rd.
Truth Ferret said…
Foxy's Restaurant
based on 160 reviews
Rating Details »Categories: Diners, Breakfast & Brunch

Neighborhood: Glendale
206 W Colorado St
Glendale, CA 91204

(818) 246-0244

this is soooo close, so I hope it is so open and closed. ferret
Truth Ferret said…
Of course I meant NOT CLOSED...interesting when one little word escapes, the meaning is so different.
Okay all, I know I said I'd announce the winner next week but Foxy's as researched by Ferret cannot get any closer to where I'm staying. How do I know? Their website header shows the lodge I'm staying at right next door to Foxy's parking lot and they do serve waffles along with such an extensive menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner that I will not be without food :D I won't have a car so this place is perfect and has some really good reviews.

So, CONGRATS!to Ferret for all your research. I'm thrilled. Go ahead and email me at with your name and addy and I will get a copy of the book to you as soon as it is published. It should be by the beginning of April if not sooner.

Thanks everyone for participating.

Cinnamon-Girl said…
Congratulations on your new book! That's awesome news!
Truth Ferret said…
Thank you so much. Books bring such happiness to me and this has been a great one because of this simple little contest. To be able to touch the smoothness of the paper while exploring each crisp page will thrill me. I know, sounds kind of lame, but you'd have to understand my love of the written word to fully appreciate my excitement.

Have a great one, guys. Ferret
lina said…
Congrats on your new book, Jo!

And good luck to those participating. :)
EastCoastLife said…
Wow, your own book! Congrats!
Looking forward to see your new book. :)
Cinnamon, thank you.

Ferret, I hope you will like it. It will be out a little sooner than expected so I'll get it to you as soon as it is ready.

Thanks lina.

ECL, Thanks it will be out soon.

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