My First Bird Photo

Photos taken by me @ San Francisco Botanical Gardens - Click photos to enlarge.

Many of you know that I have been trying to get decent bird photos for years. The last one I took that was moderately acceptable was a couple of years ago when I happened on a bluebird perched on a bench with has back to me. You couldn't see the bird very well but it was an interesting shot.

The other day, while at the gardens, I was on my way home when a bird in flight perched on top of a tree branch which I happened to be passing at that very same moment. He was a large bird, I don't know the species but luckily I had my camera in hand and was able to capture him. I was so excited! This is the very first time in years I've been able to capture a bird without him flying away as soon as I attempted to snap the picture. The lighting in the shot is not very good but you could still see him. Does anyone, Ratty? know what species he is?

This shot made my day. I can't tell you how excited I was.


Truth Ferret said…
I'm no bird expert, but it looks like a redtail hawk to me. But then again, I am probably way off base.
rainfield61 said…
You are as happy as Rainfield, as happy as Ratty, as happy as a child.
Truth, it could be as there are many hawks in this area. Thank you.

Rainfield, I am SOOOOOOO Happy :)
dawn said…
hmmm... I'm no bird expert but it was a great shot!
B.Held said…
A marvelous first attempt :)
Mumsy said…
Beautiful capture, and I have no idea what kind of bird it is either!
Icy BC said…
What a wonderful bird, Jo! I enlarge your photo but still can't tell.
Ann said…
YEAH! great shot. I have the same problem trying to get a shot before they fly away. It seems that they know when I have my camera in my I'm not much help on identifying it, I have no idea
fullet said…
I only know sparrows, so for me, that's a HUGE sparrow! It's an amazing capture, Joanne, and the green lush setting looks great when enlarging your photos.
Ratty said…
I think I may have found your bird! Of course, I can never be sure, but I think it's a Red-Shouldered Hawk. I'll give you two links so you can compare yours.

This first one looks very much like yours.
South Dakota Birds - Red-Shouldered Hawk

Compare things like size at this second link. - Red-Shouldered Hawk
Ratty said…
I was so busy trying to find which bird it might be that I forgot to tell you what wonderful pictures these are. They are very good, and made finding the identity an easy thing. Catching this bird on camera is really a great accomplishment.
Truth Ferret said…
Red tail, red shoulder hawk...I knew it was red something. At least I was close.

By the way the number of birds I actually know is very mom and her sisters were all such bird lovers and knowledable about birds. I do know that this bird wasn't a hummingbird, cardinal or mockingbird; 'cause those birds are very plentiful here.
Hi truth, yes, you were very close, thank you. I never even thought of a hawk but he was pretty big so it makes sense. Thanks again.

Thank you Dawn.

B.Held, thanks for the kind words.

Mumsy, thank you.

Icy, I know, I had no clue.

Ann, they always fly away from me. I just got really lucky with this guy :)

fullet, thanks so much.

Ratty, YOU ARE A DOLL! That is HIM! Ah, thanks so much for researching. It's cool to be able to learn a little more about him as well so thanks for the links too. You Rock!
When I first saw the photo and before I saw Ratty's comment, I also thought it was some sort of small hawk. It kind of looks like the red tail hawk we have here in Florida, only smaller. I googled red shoulder hawk, looks perfect, so good job Ratty!

Fabulous photos Jo! I know how difficult it is to get great bird shots. Keep snapping away. What kind of camera do you use? Do you have any telephoto lenses? I'm hoping maybe to get one for my Nikon D300 that I got a year ago. :D
Liz said…
You did a great job on your first attempt. :)

Happy Tuesday!
Kass said…
I keep trying to take pictures of birds too. I got a Magpie the other day, but the background was asphalt and gutter drain. Oh well. Check it out. It's in my latest post.
yoon see said…
Great shot! I totally glad that these shots made your day and my day too:)
Lately I become very interesting with bird too because of my sister in law.
I will share them with you when I have the opportunity!
The Padrino said…
He looks kindda like a halk and it's a good picture you took.
DK Miller said…
Great shot! Definitely a hawk of some sort. I think Ratty got it with red shouldered hawk.
RNSANE said…
Great shot, Jo, and we do have lots of hawks soaring in our area, especially in the parks with rodents and other little critters!!
*MrsMartinez* said…
It's a challenge to shoot birds. And you did a great job! xoxo
Great nature photos. A hawk swooped down and tried to get one of my chicken twice in the past month. They ran under the bushes, naturally, and made plenty noise to frighten that ole chicken hawk away.

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